A new list of resources, mainly for me, to help figure out how to become a better writer.

10-minute fixes to 10 common plot problems.

The protagonist’s inciting incident.

Religion in SciFi – Orson Scott Card.

Word counts, the short version.

Novel word counts by genre.

Reviewers who review indie books.

How to Format Auto Indenting

How Many Characters is Too Many?

Word Count Resources:

8 Ways to Avoid Cardboard Characters.

Water/air pressure calculator.

Detailed paper on personal combat in space.

Random SciFi Plot Generator plus resources.

The pitfalls of inventing an alien civilization

Ten of the Best Fantasy Map Generators

31 Places to Publish Novellas and Long Short Stories

Resources (old and private)

What is head-hopping, and is it spoiling your fiction writing?

What Makes Omniscient POV Different from Head-Hopping?

The Difference Between Omniscient POV and Head Hopping

Welcome to Writing Craft

Characters Who Kick Ass Emotionally

Easy Character Creation Through 25 Core Elements

Bringing Your Characters to Life Through the “Five Whys”

“Write a Sentence as Clean as a Bone” and Other Advice From James Baldwin

Speculative Fiction Showcase


Kindle Direct Publishing.


Orbital Calculator.

Stick with Baen and indie.

Storybird writing platform.

SciFiIdeas Planet Name Generator.

Smashwords indie ebook publishing.

Orson Scott Card on Religion in SF.

Standout Books -Fight Scene

Science Fiction & Fantasy Creators Guild

Sigil is a multi-platform EPUB ebook Editor.

Intellectual Property Advice.

Asimov’s Science Fiction guidelines (top resource).

Random Fantasy Name Generator

Finding an Agent

Writing subreddit

2016 Hugo Award Winners (look for publishers and magazines)

Google Webmaster Tools

Indie Publishing

Indy Publishing Vindicated

How to Hit the Top Spot on the Amazon Bestseller List

K.M. Weiland: Helping Writers Become Authors

Third Party Author Promotion Sites Review

Jason Bougger: Write Good Books

Flash Fiction: 1000 words or less: Theme of Absence

Submit “The Alien” to Ellie Maloney

100 words or less: Drabble

Cricket Submission Guidelines

20 Writing Tips from Stephen King

Author’s interview and advice on self-publishing