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Flash Fiction Addiction

My flash fiction piece “Growing Flowers” is the “Flash Fiction Addiction” anthology from Zombie Pirate Publishing. They received nearly 300 submissions and accepted exactly 101, including mine.
Unlike my two previous stories, this one was inspired by a “writing challenge” on Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. As I recall, the fine folks there posted a collage and I used the images and the quote as the inspiration to craft an earlier version of “Flowers.” When I submit a story for publication that has appeared on my blog, I revise it, sometimes drastically, and remove the blog post with the original story. The latter is because publishers typically ask for six months exclusive use of the story before it appears elsewhere. So what you’ll read when FFA comes out won’t be quite what I had first crafted lo those many months ago.

It is available on Amazon now.

1929: A Zimbell House Anthology


Promotional image for Zimbell House Publishing’s anthology “1929”

My short story “The Devil’s Regret” is featured in the Zimbell House Publishing anthology 1929, which includes a number of tales in multiple genres, all set in the year 1929.

Sixteen-year-old Timothy Quinn grew up in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, working as a “printer’s devil,” an apprentice in a newspaper print shop since age twelve. One day, the teen and would-be boxer starts hearing strange news announcements on the radio that seem to come from the future. Then he learns that in the next seven weeks, a ten-year-old girl will be kidnapped and murdered by a notorious serial killer. No one believes his wild tale, so he sets out to confront the killer himself, but will he succeed in saving the life of an innocent child only to sacrifice his own?

“1929: A Zimbell House Anthology” is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Magical Reality


Pre-order “Magical Reality” starting February 22nd

A modern fantasy anthology from Pixie Forest Publishing featuring thirteen fantasy-related tales set in the modern world includes my short story “The Dragon’s Family.”

Aging retiree James Monroe finds a small, injured dragon in a vacant field behind his house, and taking the creature home, discovers that the grief and loss he, his son, and grandchildren are suffering from is mirrored in the existence of the mythical being. Together they learn how to demonstrate great sacrifice, healing, and love, but only after confronting a monstrous evil.

Magical Reality, edited by Jensen Reed and Donise Sheppard, is available now on Amazon.

World War Four

asher update

Notice for Zombie Pirate Publishing’s upcoming anthology announcing contributor Neal Asher

This anthology is available for purchase now on Amazon in paperback format as well as digital in the US and the UK.

This science fiction anthology from Zombie Pirate Publishing features twenty post-apocalyptic tales set in a world that has survived World War Three but that now faces the unimaginable; a fourth world war, has accepted my short story “Joey.”

Ten years after the end of the third world war, on an Earth recovering from nuclear winter, an alien species invades and wipes out all but a handful of the human race. A man and his young grandson make a hazardous journey though the Northwest wilderness, running from hunter machines and hoping to join the remaining resistance fighters, but sixty-year-old Andy Hanson has a terrible secret.

“World War Four,” edited by Adam Bennett and Sam M. Phillips, and features the exclusive novelette “Monitor Logan” written by internationally bestselling SciFi writer Neal Asher.

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Impossible Hope Anthology

My short story “The Switchman’s Lantern” has been accepted for publication in the “Impossible Hope” anthology. This one is a little bit different and I have no details about a publication date as yet. For more, visit A.M. Freeman’s blog.

Spring Into SciFi 2019

My short story “The Recall” has been accepted for publication in the Cloaked Press anthology “Spring Into SciFi 2019.” No details are available, but you can learn more by checking out the 2018 edition of this anthology.