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I created this blogspot as a way to explore the possibility of becoming a SF/F writer (with a side of horror). Ever since I was in high school many, many decades ago, I’ve wanted to write fiction, but every time I made the attempt, I felt my characters were two-dimensional and my plot lines were too derivative.

So I quit.

Then the writing bug would bite me again some years later and I’d give it another go.

Then I quit again.

And so on.

But then a friend of mine recommended an anthology to me called God, Robot edited by Anthony Marchetta. It’s sort of a twist on the Isaac Asimov “I, Robot” theme where humanoid AIs are driven by the now very famous Three Laws of Robotics, except replace the three laws with the Bible and a focus on Catholicism.

I didn’t find it realistic for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that robots are created by people, not God, so they’d be one step removed from concepts of original sin, repentance, redemption, and life in the world to come. So I contacted Anthony and asked his permission to write my own story on a blog. He graciously said it was okay and was rather encouraging.

So I launched “Powered by Robots” on May 13, 2016 with The Robot Who Loved God.

My trajectory has gone through many changes since then.

Now, I write SF/F short stories, send them to open submission calls for anthologies and magazines and collect rejection emails.  Since the beginning of 2019, I’ve had stories accepted for publication.

Other Stuff I Write About

This is the third WordPress blog I’ve started. The first is Morning Meditations which highlights my theological and doctrinal thoughts and beliefs, and the second is The Old Man’s Gym which chronicles my efforts at improving my strength and health through weightlifting as an older athlete. I find it convenient to compartmentalize my differing interests in separate blogspots, since not everyone would appreciate the “shotgun blast” approach to me putting everything I think and do in a single location. That doesn’t mean I don’t think religion, spirituality, and faith don’t belong in Science Fiction or Fantasy. A 2000 interview with Orson Scott Card convinced me that it is and always has been part of the human (and other) experience.

How to Find Me and Other Stories

You can reach me through leaving a comment on any of the blog entries here or filling out the form on the Contact page. This will send me an email to which I’m likely to respond (your email address will not be visible publicly).

I’ve put a search box at the bottom of each page so if you want to see if I’ve written about a particular topic or subject, please use it.

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Oh, I created an Amazon Author’s Page since I’m already extensively published, just not in the realm of fiction.