Just to let you know, I need to update everything that you can read below. Things have evolved somewhat.

I created this blogspot to offer a venue where I can post my fiction and science fiction efforts. Previously, I have been dabbling in fiction writing at my old A Million Chimpanzees blog, but decided that if I was going to become more serious in honing my short story skills, I needed a “virtual” repository dedicated to such writing.

The story that launched this blog, “The Robot Who Loved God,” originally appeared at “A Million Chimpanzees” and I’m duplicating it here as the foundation for sequels to my “religious robot” series.

Novel Ideas

Since then, the project has morphed into a potential novel. I’ve abandoned the Asimovian features including all things positronic and The Three Laws, since I want this to be a completely original work. I’ve also come up with an idea for another novel, this one involving time travel. You can read something of my updated version of my first novel in the excerpt of The Android Who Loved God. To get an idea of what my time travel novel or novella (haven’t decided yet) would be like, read The Woman Who Fell Into Time as well as excerpts from When Jason Was Three and The Dancer.

Short Story Series

Lately, I haven’t found much time to work on my novels, so I’ve been concentrating on short stories and flash fiction. I’ve created a number of short story series. For my seven-year-old grandson, I’ve created a series that starts with The Day the Dragon Came to Live With Us. I’ve also created a science fiction series about the (mis)adventures of space freighter pilot Camdon Rod and his mysterious companion Ginger beginning with The Last Flight of the Cynnabar Breen (Ginger doesn’t appear until the third installation). Finally, I created a series of stories about a reluctant vampire named Sean Becker starting with Even Coffee Doesn’t Help. At the end of each of these stories is a link to the next, and so on and so on, so if you are interested, you can click through from one episode to the next in order.

More recent series include my Martin Fields Time Travel short stories and the Brian Vail supernatural vision series. They contain “click through” links just like the others.

Other Stuff I Write About

This is the third WordPress blog I’ve started. The first is Morning Meditations which highlights my theological and doctrinal thoughts and beliefs, and the second is The Old Man’s Gym which chronicles my efforts at improving my strength and health through weightlifting as an older athlete. I find it convenient to compartmentalize my differing interests in separate blogspots, since not everyone would appreciate the “shotgun blast” approach to me putting everything I think and do in a single location.

How to Find Me and Other Stories

You can reach me through leaving a comment on any of the blog entries here or filling out the form on the Contact page. This will send me an email to which I’m likely to respond (your email address will not be visible publicly).

I’ve put a search box at the bottom of each page so if you want to see if I’ve written about a particular topic or subject, please use it.

If you wish to follow this blog, a convenient button can be found at the bottom of the page along with my copyright statement.