The Crushed Wraith

wraithThe irony is that the Wraith is lucid as a man. It took last night’s sleep plus a nap this afternoon, but the Wraith is thinking clearly.

Not that it matters in the slightest.

The man is continually crushed, so that the Wraith is the only escape.

The man cannot do anything right, or at least it seems that way. The man must live in community, and the only escape is the Wraith.

The Wraith does not crave community. The Wraith craves solitude. Solitude means peace. Community means war, but a war in which the man is forbidden to defend himself.

The Wraith seeks solitude and even when he is the man, the man seeks solitude.

If only humans were not contentious. If only the humans didn’t seek to destroy.

Humans in general are destructive, but the ones you live with are the most destructive of all.

Humans in general can destroy your body, but the ones you live with destroy your soul.

Humans have always been dangerous to the Wraith, even when the man was a boy. When the man was a boy, he believed that when he grew to be a man, all this would change.

It never did.

Now it looks like it never will.

The man would rather live a lifetime alone in the shadows as the Wraith than a day in the light with humans.

The man didn’t clean the stove. The man purchased the wrong kind of parsley. Certainly crimes worthy of soul-destruction.

The man wants to surrender to the Wraith, to be the Wraith, to live alone, to be in the shadows, to seek out dark solitude.

However, the man has responsibilities and duties, and one of them is to allow his soul to be destroyed.

On the outside, the man appears as a man. But with his soul destroyed, the being within is only the Wraith. The man is gone.

I hope the humans enjoy living with the Wraith. It’s what they wanted. It’s what they created.

One thought on “The Crushed Wraith

  1. Jim,

    My perspective when I wraith.

    Your friend,


    Should I hold it?
    Should I let it go?
    What is the answer?
    What should I do?

    Father help me.
    Show me the way.
    Please give direction
    for this difficult choice.

    If you hold on,
    then I have to hold on.
    If you do not forgive,
    then I cannot forgive.

    I choose to let go,
    so he will let go.
    I choose to forgive,
    so he will forgive.


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