When the King of Israel Rules


U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan (Credit: Reuters/Parwiz Parwiz) Reuters/Parwiz Parwiz

“We are all Israelis.” The phrase kept repeating itself in Steve’s head as he huddled in the makeshift bomb shelter in the basement of his house. He never thought this day would come. At least he sent Nancy and the kids away from the city to her uncle’s farm in Idaho. They’ll stay safer there.

He could hear the explosions getting closer. After the bombardment was over, the ground troops would move in. Steve still couldn’t believe that this great nation was being attacked by a country the size of a postage stamp. Where did they get that kind of power?

The enemy freely answered that question, but it was patently insane to Steve. It wasn’t that he wasn’t a believer. He had been a born again Christian most of his adult life. But he’d also been told that God was on the side of the Church and of America. How could things have gone so wrong?

Maybe it’s a test. This could be God’s way of testing the faith of the Church in America. It’s easy to be a Christian and to fight for religious and social justice when times were peaceful and where the only battle to wage is on Facebook and twitter. Real bombs and guns were something else entirely, and the Church, all of America in fact, had gotten soft, fat, and lazy.

Steve suddenly realized that the explosions had stopped. That meant soldiers, a vast number of them invading the city, the neighborhoods, doing a building by building search. He had no way to defend himself. He didn’t believe in gun violence and as the head of the neighborhood watch group, he had formally declared the subdivision a gun free zone.

Well, it wasn’t gun free anymore. Soldiers would bring plenty of guns with them.

Steve doubted he could shoot anyone even if he were armed. If he had a political disagreement with another nation, his best weapon was to lobby to boycott, divest, and sanction them. That seemed to work pretty well most of the time. However the nation that invaded America and that was waging war against most of the western countries had more effective and horrible means at their disposal.

He heard someone right outside his house shouting in accented English. “Come out and surrender and you won’t be hurt.”

Sure, like he believed that. These barbarians and the apartheid state they occupied had been responsible for generations of displacement, bigotry, and injustice against the indigenous people. Who knows what they’d do to him, a Christian? Maybe they’d just shoot him outright. Maybe they’d put him in a camp and make him perform forced labor.

“We’re coming in.”

Steve heard the front door slam open. Then boots stomping upstairs, soldiers searching the house. He’d had it. He couldn’t hide indefinitely.

He stood up. “Dear Jesus please protect me and protect our nation. Be with my wife Nancy. Please be with our children, Steve Jr., Sally, and Brent. Give me the courage to stand up to these…”

Steve was interrupted when the door to the basement was kicked in. “If anyone is in there, give yourselves up. We’re coming in.”

“Wait!” Steve shouted back. “I’m here. I’m alone and unarmed.”

The Israeli soldiers came down the stairs and took him into custody.

“You won’t be harmed,” the Sergeant reassured him once they went back upstairs and reached the front lawn. There were military troops and vehicles everywhere. The IDF were very thorough.

“You will be taken to a detention center where you will be processed. Is there anyone we should attempt to contact for you?”

Steve thought about Nancy and their children on Uncle Ken’s farm outside of Emmett. He didn’t want to give their location away so he’d better say nothing. “No. No one.”

“Very well. These soldiers will escort you to the truck and you will ride with the other prisoners.”

Steve looked around at the others nearby and then remembered that the IDF had both men and women in combat units.

As he was locked in the back of the truck with his neighbors, those like him who had decided to stay in their homes, he still couldn’t believe what was happening.

Sure, he’d read in the Bible how there would be a final war against Israel, how all the other nations would almost defeat her, and then Jesus would defend them, but he had always been taught that it wasn’t really Israel that God would fight for, but the American Church.

It was impossible that when the Messiah came, he’d actually be Jewish and that the God of the Bible would literally fight to defend Israel, even from American troops serving in the U.N.

We’d attacked Israel, a nation that had become bloated in its arrogance. Military units from every western nation and some developing countries joined with the U.N. to bring Israel down.

Astonishingly, the U.N. forces were defeated, but even more fantastic than that, Israel seemed to have an endlessly large army. Israel hadn’t just annihilated the armies of all the nations that had attacked them, they had invaded every country that aggressed against them and were defeating them all. They said it was the way God intended to safeguard His people Israel forever.

His people Israel. What about the Church? What about His people in Christ?

America would become a vassal nation of Israel. They’d all come under Israeli rule under their King who claimed to be Jesus but called himself Yeshua. This Yeshua said he’d return all Jews to Israel, rebuild the Temple, and restore the Priesthood and the sacrifices, all against what Steve’s Pastor said was sound church doctrine.

He looked up at the people around him, his friends, his neighbors. Everyone had been rendered mute due to the shock and stunned into silence.

Steve was the first to speak up. “We are all Israelis.” The end of the Book of Esther suddenly came to mind.

It occurred to me after writing my previous commentary that the phrase “We are all Israelis” could be interpreted another way. I have a rather unique interpretation of the so-called “end times prophesies” and in fact, I believe God will do what He said He would do, protect His people Israel above all other nations or people groups. I doubt if Israeli troops will sweep the world unless they have supernatural help (which I hint at in the story above), but I do believe that one day, all the nations of the world will be vassal to Israel and that we will all serve the King of Israel. I also believe that some people will have a harder time accepting that realization than others.


7 thoughts on “When the King of Israel Rules

  1. A leader from the FDNY was interviewed for airing on 9-11-16 (not sure if it was recorded or live when I saw it). He said he lost faith because of 9-11 — the way he spoke, he was right on the border… sounded really like he’d lost all faith but didn’t want to say that (probably for the sake of his kids or wife).

    His definition of faith had been off. He didn’t seem to realize this. He said he had always thought God was on our side (I’m not saying this is a quote, but that’s the gist of it). That’s not what faith is. Faith is in the Creator of the universe who will handle the world the way He wants to. A lot of people think like the fireman.


  2. I’d like to recommend a book related to sanctions.

    It’s RED NOTICE, by Bill Browder.

    I was just now glancing at it again.
    He thinks of himself as an ordinary guy.
    But this sits in his mind with millions of dollars.
    Just strange, but not the point of suggesting the reading.


  3. This is an interesting article as well.

    Excerpt: Even in Zionist circles, I hear activists describe Israel as an outpost of “Western” or American influence in Southwest Asia. Some American Zionists discuss the progressive values of Israel as though they come from the United States, or as though Israel is somehow culturally united with Europe and an imagined “West.” In doing so, they surrender Israel’s own accomplishments… to non-Jewish superpowers.

    [Accomplishments cited: “including its unique brand of democracy and its own progressive movements (socialist Kibbutzim were a major element of pre-Israel society, for example, while America was still fighting a Cold War against any country that exhibited progressive economic policies).”]

    [Period photo in original article.]

    By claiming that Israel is part of the “West,” many American Zionists dangerously revise Israeli and Zionist history. They forget that the classical form of Zionism in which figures like Theodor Herzl believed developed against white Christians in countries like Russia, Germany, and France, born out of the realization that Jews were not safe in Europe. Viewing Israel as a de-facto member of the West also robs Israel of its sovereignty by tying it to American policies, despite serious disagreements between the Israeli and American governments, so that Israel is held accountable for America’s misadventures. [Of course, it works both ways. But the article goes on to reference other U.S. alliances that draw ire to the U.S. in middle-east eyes.]

    [I would say Israel both is not AND is western.]


  4. I tend to agree that Israel is marketed to the West as a Western nation, but in fact, it is Middle Eastern. That’s not a bad thing. It’s a reality. However, Americans are more likely to support a nation that they think is like us.


  5. I agree it’s a fact Israel is in the middle-east. And the people there are quite a variety. It’s a fact people there have come from pretty much all over the world. While some have been there for hundreds of years; this would in part refer back to the last article’s mention of Misrahim.


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