Cold Front with a Chance of Thunderstorms


Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch from the 1939 film “The Wizard of Oz”

The weatherman lied. That must be it.

I’m so careful not to get caught outside even when there’s a few clouds in the sky. I hate the rain, I hate it.

The weather forecast said there was supposed to be plenty of sunshine and a high of 78 degrees. No one mentioned a possibility of a freak cold front from the northwest dropping temperatures into the 50s within minutes accompanied by a sudden thunderstorm.

It must be because of that tornado, the one that came from outside. Dropped a house on my sister it did, and ruined my chances of getting those ruby slippers of hers.

Now I’ll never get them off of that little brat Dorothy, curse Glinda the Good Witch of the North.

The storm’s almost over but it’s too late. I’m melting.


2 thoughts on “Cold Front with a Chance of Thunderstorms

  1. A nice bit of nonsense, this one. I always wondered why the Wicked Witch didn’t kill her sister, since it was the only way to get the ruby slippers…after all, dropping a house on someone is something any decent witch should be able to do…right?


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