Adams Without Eves

baby boy


The disease, or whatever it turned out to be, was highly specific in targeting anyone with XX chromosomes. Within a year, every woman, every little girl, all of them had died. The XY chromosomes didn’t get a free pass either. Over 75% of them…of us died as well. .

It was that cloud the Earth passed through. It defied chemical and radiological analysis, so at first we didn’t realize how devastatingly fatal it was. It had drifted into our solar system, and our planet had the misfortune of being in the portion of our orbit with which it intersected. The first deaths occurred only weeks after contact.

A world population of over eight billion reduced to just less than a billion, all male. The last time the Earth held just a billion people was at the beginning of the 19th century.

But most people probably thought that moot since without women, the human race couldn’t reproduce and repopulate. The little boys born before their mothers died would be the last generation. That’s what most people thought.

Fortunately, Harry and I are geneticists and research scientists. The ability for two men to reproduce without a female’s egg cell has been well-documented for over twenty years, but using that process to fertilize an egg still required inserting it into the womb of a surrogate mother.

That’s my area of expertise, constructing the first viable artificial womb to nurture our little baby boy until he reaches full gestation.

William’s due date is February 27, 2042, three months from now. He’ll be the first of a new generation of human beings. With his successful birth, we’ll then orchestrate mass fertilizations and births of precious baby boys. Mankind will go on. True, we will be without women, but humanity will go on.

We will survive.

I got the idea for this wee tale from reading an article called Motherless babies possible as scientists create live offspring without need for female egg which was published just a few months ago.

I’m not being anti-female in writing this story, but the concept fascinated me. I find myself wondering what kind of society would develop with only males. Also, since this process requires a technological culture to keep the line going, only a western nation or nations would reproduce, likely condemning the populations of third-world countries to extinction, unless we took extraordinary steps to preserve them.

Like I said, I wonder what sort of societies would develop?

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