Burning the Bridge to Heaven



The night fire on the beach burned bright and hot. I stared into its warmth and chaos for hours. It held the end of everything I was, everything I thought I’d ever be. I could still feel blood dripping down my back. I cut off my wings and incinerated them.

I got the prompt for this one from Iain Kelly’s blog. He wrote a 50 word story based on the photo above in response to the Scottish Book Trust’s 50-Word Fiction Competition for March. Not sure if I should enter the contest, since I’m not particularly keen on “winning” anything. My story is exactly 50 words. Let me know what you think.

12 thoughts on “Burning the Bridge to Heaven

    • Thanks, Kecia. Actually, after I originally posted it here, I entered it in the contest. Sounds like it’s a pretty popular venue, so I don’t hope to win, but it’ll be nice to know fresh eyes will be looking at my work.

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