Firewood in May


© Loretta Notto

“All the firewood she’ll need for next winter.”

Gerald had been laboring for weeks to make sure the house was ready and that she would be taken care of.

Most folks would say that having the winter firewood cut in May was a little premature, but he knew he was already out of time. The cancer in him was spreading fast and his doctor told him he wouldn’t last much longer.

She’d have to learn to live without him. After over sixty years together, that would be hard. He wasn’t an emotional man, but the thought of her having to go it alone made him tear up some.

Gerald turned to put the ax back in the shed only to discover he wasn’t holding it.

“Now where did that damn thing go?”

He looked again and he wasn’t at home anymore.

“Gerald, have you forgotten again?”

“Who are you?” This wasn’t home. In fact, Gerald wasn’t sure where he was.

“She will be fine, Gerald. I told you I’d take care of her.”

“Yes, Lord.”

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers hosted by Priceless Joy. The idea is to write a piece of flash fiction between 100 and 175 words long with 150 being the ideal. Mine is 175 words exactly.

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31 thoughts on “Firewood in May

  1. The lord called him – that is such a finial twist at end. You managed that so well , that I was half expecting two differing endings.


  2. This reminded me of so many. I could see a man wanting to split that wood and having someone do it for him. A man who was always there to do chores and now he cannot. My FIL was this man. And your dad may have been, too. Heart wrenching and beautiful. 💜Bless you.


  3. this is a lovely story to be shared with someone who will experience loss soon, for both parties to know truly that each will be taken care of by a higher power than us. I am very touched by the story, seeing this happen in my line of work, its a very comforting tale. You out everything into perspective.


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