Three Women and a Story


© Roger Bultot

I watched the three women asking Mel questions. He’s always had a soft spot for ladies with a sob story, but I knew he wouldn’t sell me out. He doesn’t know much anyway, except that he fills my take out dinner order for two, not one.

I feel a little sorry for them. Adolpho promised to marry each one. Too bad they met at Bingo last month and found out.

I think Adolpho is a rat too, but he is my nephew and blood is blood. Tonight I’ll get him across the border. After that, he’s on his own.

Written for the Rochelle Wisoff-Fields photo writing challenge. The idea is to create a piece of flash fiction no more than 100 words long based on the photo prompt above. Mine comes in at 99.

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38 thoughts on “Three Women and a Story

    • Actually, a guy named Adolpho was playing three different women, promising to marry each one of them and planning on jilting all of them. The backstory is that he was using each of them for money and they all thought he was worth is since they were going to marry him. Then, by coincidence, the three met, compared stories, and discovered Adolpho lied to them. He has since disappeared and the three women are asking questions all around town, hoping someone saw him or might know where he could be found.

      The story’s narrator is Adoplpho’s uncle. He’s hiding his nephew from these women until he can get the guy safely out of town. Uncle doesn’t approve of what his nephew did, but as he said, “blood is blood”. Adolpho plans to take the money he bilked out of the women and hide out in Mexico for a while.

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