Sherlock and the Doctor

dr who

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“This is ridiculous, Watson. I deal in facts, not fiction.”

The two men had just stepped onto Baker street after exiting their flat and made, what to one of them, was a startling discovery.

“But I tell you, Sherlock, this Police Box wasn’t here when we went to bed last night. How could it have been installed so early on a Sunday morning?”

“I envy you sometimes, Watson. Not often, but sometimes. You’re mind is so simple and uncluttered. Obviously this is a hoax. See, the word ‘Demo’ is clearly posted on the door, and the door itself is locked.”

“How do you know it’s locked?”

“Try it.”

“Ugh. Yes, you’re right. I can’t budge it, Sherlock.”

“Come along, Watson. We’ll be late for our breakfast appointment and I believe our next case.” The tall, eccentric man called out toward the street. “Taxi!” Abruptly, their transportation stopped in front of 221B Baker Street. The duo entered and then rapidly departed.

Moments later, the door of the Police Box slowly opened and a befuddled older gentlemen stuck his head out. “Are they gone?”

I wrote this for the writing challenge at Sunday Photo Fiction for August 13th 2017. The idea is to use the image above as the inspiration for crafting a piece of flash fiction no more than 200 words long. My word count is 186.

I think sometime back in the 1970s I watched a few episodes of Doctor Who (Tom Baker was playing the Doctor then) but have no interest in its current incarnation (mainly because I’d have to “catch up” by watching over 50 years of episodes and who has that kind of time?).

On the other hand, I’m slowly working my way through the more recent BBC television show Sherlock (currently in the middle of the second season) starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as Doctor John Watson. I thought I’d throw the two together just to see what would happen.

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15 thoughts on “Sherlock and the Doctor

  1. I love it! I have been getting through the Sherlocks as well. I have got through the first two seasons so far, and it is the best incarnation of the sleuth that I have seen. Benedict Cumberbatch (or FunnyName Englishman) is a great version of him.

    I love the Doctor steppiing out after they have gone. Good story James.


  2. This was great! When I first discovered Doctor Who (I think in Christopher Eccleston’s era) I absolutely loved it, but now I much prefer Sherlock – I think Doctor Who’s just one of these programmes where, because it changes so much, the new episodes will never seem as good as the ones that you first watched. Loved the story – I think you created the setting really well 🙂


  3. Two great icons of British television. I’ve gone through Sherlock to season 3. BC is one of the best Sherlocks I’ve ever seen. Love the show. I watched a few of the new Doctor Who because Billie Piper made a pair of jeans look like lingerie. I haven’t kept up with it. I might get back to it later. Fun story!


  4. Sadly the doctor has been overtaken by technology. … Whilst Sherlock has embraced it. … I think that the doctor I recall would have wanted to meet Sherlock. However you have created great images for me


  5. I too am a great fan of Sherlock and believe, like quite a few others, that BC is the best Sherlock to have come so far. BC brings to the table a touch of madness laced with his special brand of tongue in cheek humour that is so addictive.
    Ad your story did full justice to Sherlock and even the Doctor came out very well. Brilliant stuff, James.


    • Thank you, Neel. In the very first episode of the show. Sherlock described himself as a “high functioning sociopath,” so the “touch of madness” comment is spot on.


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