Mother, What Have You Done?

evelyn dick

Evelyn Dick – Bettmann/Getty

Evelyn Dick was born October 13, 1920 in Beamsville, Ontario to Donald and Alexandra MacLean. She was arrested for murder after local children in Hamilton, Ontario found the torso of her missing estranged husband, John Dick. His head and limbs had been sawn from his body and—as later evidence revealed—were disposed of in the furnace of her home at 32 Carrick Avenue.

She was defended in her first murder trial in 1946 by J.J. Sullivan, convicted and sentenced to hang. Lawyer J.J. Robinette, however, appealed her case and won an eventual acquittal. In the meantime, however, a partly mummified body of a male infant was found in her attic, encased in cement in an old suitcase. The infant was identified as her son Peter David White. She was tried again for murder in 1947 and sentenced to life in prison, but was paroled in 1958 after serving eleven years in Kingston’s Prison for Women, with a new identity and job and disappeared from public view.


“Mother, she’s just a guest. Leave her be. You don’t have anything to worry about.”

“Dear Anthony, you’re all I’ve got. I’m so afraid you’ll leave me.”

“Oh, mother. I’d never abandon you, but I need to have a life on my own.”

“That’s what I used to think and look where it got me?

“That was a long time ago, Mother.”

“Just promise me you’ll stay away from her, Anthony. I don’t trust her.”

“Like you didn’t trust the others, Mother?”

“Listen to your Mother, Anthony. Do as you’re told.”

“Yes, Mother.”

Two days ago, Janice Linder had embezzled half a million dollars from Investment Banking company she used to work for in Chicago and had it transferred to an account under an assumed name only she knew. She and her boyfriend Charlie Simmons had been planning this for over a year. All she had to do was wait another day or two in this crummy motel outside of Plainsfield, Wisconsin until he could get away from his wife. He said he’d have their fake IDs with him. They could cross the border into Canada and start life fresh.

She wished he’d hurry. That guy Tony, the owner of this dump was giving her the creeps.

The burner cell she bought the other day at that convenience store rang. Caller ID was blocked but there was only one person who had the number.

“Charlie! Where the fuck are you? I’ve been going out of my mind.”

“Relax, Baby. I’ve got Sheila convinced I’m going out of town on business early tomorrow morning. Said I’d be away a week. By the time she figures it out, we’ll be long gone.”

“Have you got the fake IDs?”

“Sure. Right here. Ontario driver’s licenses, passports, birth certificates, the works. Cost me a small fortune, but compared to what you’ve got, it’s nothing.”

“When can you get here?”

“Probably midday tomorrow at the latest. Just in time for you to check out and for the brand new Mr. and Mrs. David Humphries to return home to Canada after our American vacation.”

“I love you. You know that, don’t you?”

“Of course, Baby. I love you, too. We’re going to spend the rest of our lives together.”

“Together forever, Charlie. I like the sound of that. I can’t wait to screw you again. I’ve been going nuts without you.”

“I like how you talk dirty to me, Baby. Don’t worry. I’ll be there to scratch your itch just as soon as I can.”

“See you tomorrow, Charlie. I love you.”

“Call me Dave, and you’re Evie.”

“Okay, Dave. See you soon, lover.”

“Yeah, see you soon. Bye.”

As Janice broke the connection, she thought she heard something outside her door. She quietly walked up and unlocked it. Maybe that creepy Tony snooping around.

She threw the door open to nothing but the sunset and that junker she bought for cash yesterday, leaving Janice Linder’s car hundreds of miles away.

Janice closed the door and locked it again. The door used to have a chain but it was old and looked like the screws had been stripped out. Oh well.

She went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Tony, this motel, the whole state made her feel dirty. She pulled off her top, unzipped her pants and stripped out of them. She took a moment to admire her figure in the full length mirror on the bathroom door.

“Not bad, not bad at all. My bod plus half a mill. Once we get into Canada, I’ll get rid that jerk. 500 Gs will go a lot farther if I don’t have to share.” She glanced at her suitcase remembering the loaded .45 hidden at the bottom.

She took off her bra and tossed it on the bed, then pulled down the thong panties and did likewise.

Opening the bathroom door, she was met with a cloud of steam. She reached into the shower through the curtain and adjusted the temperature. She tested the water and when it was right, Janice stepped in.

As she put shampoo in her hair, she thought of the cut and dye job she did to it yesterday to add to her disguise. She rinsed her hair and then she soaped down. She thought of Charlie again. He wasn’t good for much except getting her across the border and screwing. She’d let him have her one more time before she did away with him. Something to remember him by.

She ran her hands across her breasts. Her nipples were hard. She gently squeezed them and softly moaned. Maybe she’d better take care of business after showering. Janice chuckled at the thought of poor, moon struck Tony. She’d let him watch just for kicks if she knew that’s all he’d do.

What was that? It was hard to hear with the shower running. Nothing. These old places creaked and moaned like a…

…shadow, that creepy Tony?

The shower curtain was violently ripped aside and the last thing Janice saw was an old woman and that huge knife plunging into her chest again and again and all that blood and water and blood.

“Mother, what have you done?”

“Nothing I haven’t done time and time before, Anthony.”

“But, her boyfriend. I heard her talking. He’ll be here tomorrow.”

“Get rid of her and her car, just like the others. Sink it in the swamp.”

“You can’t keep doing this, Mother. You’re going to get caught, we’re going to get caught.”

“I got away with murder before, men, women, babies. I’ll keep on doing it. You wouldn’t let your old Mother go to prison again, would you?”

“Mother, I wasn’t even born when all that happened. I thought you wanted a new name, a fresh chance at life. Why did you start again? Why did you start with Father?”

“He cheated on me. They’re all disloyal. Men, women, it’s all the same. Only you, dear Anthony.” She caressed his cheek and not like a loving mother. “Only you Anthony have always stood by my side, protected me, loved me.”

“Yes, Mother. I love you. You’re the only one I can love.”

They embraced. He kissed her neck. Ran his hands up and down her back feeling the fabric of her dress, feeling the bra strap underneath. Remembering the last time when he…

She pushed him away. “Get rid of the body. Clean everything up. Drive her and her car out to the swamp and make sure nothing can be found. Oh, and bring me her bra and panties, the ones she was wearing before she got into the shower. I want them for…later.”

He lowered his head in embarrassment and shame. “Yes, Mother. Right away.”

Tony turned to leave their bedroom and then stopped. He whirled around. Looked at Mother, really looked at her. Mother, lover, dictator, murderer. “Mother, couldn’t we sell the motel. Go somewhere else. Start again…”

“Do as I told you to, Anthony! I am your mother! You owe me! Now quit arguing and go! Go!”

“But Mother…”

“Shut up you simpering fool. Shut up and do as you’re told.” She calmed down and then smiled seductively. “Be a good boy, Anthony. If you bring back the nasty woman’s bra and panties, Mommy will give you a nice treat.” She let her fingers slowly caress her neck and then move down her chest, her index finger circling one nipple.

Hot shame burned inside the young man. Shame, horror, and rage.

By the time Charlie arrived at the motel near noon the next day, there were a dozen city police and Sheriff’s patrol cars there. He drove past into town and stopped at a diner trying to figure out what to do now. Did Janice slip up and get caught or did something worse happen?

“What’s all the trouble at the motel up the road?”

The fat waitress was only glad to fill him in on the latest news. “Couple of murders is what I hear. Seems the young boy Tony killed his mother but get this. She was this serial killer, at least that’s what my cousin says, he’s a part-time deputy. She was some sort of famous murderer from Canada, hiding out here for must be nearly thirty years.”

“What about the guests? Anyone at the motel get hurt?”

“Some poor young woman was sliced into pieces in the shower. Tony says his Momma did it, but they might never know for sure. I hear they’ll be draining the swamp near their place. The boy says he’s put over a hundred of her victims in there over the last twenty years.”

Janice was the only one who knew how to access the secret account, so without her, he didn’t have the money. He was going to kill her anyway after he got access, but now he had nothing.

Nothing to do but go back to a loveless marriage and a dead end job. Yet somehow his life didn’t seem quite so tragic anymore. At least he was alive.

A co-worker happened to casually mention a woman named Evelyn Dick who he described as a serial killer who lured men into alleyways to murder them. As it turns out, this isn’t true, but she was an infamous killer. After looking her up on Wikipedia, I also read an article called The strange and compelling story of Evelyn Dick.

Outside of the sheer horror of her crimes, I was taken that in spite of being sentenced to life in prison, she was released in 1958, given a new identity, and allowed to disappear. To this day, no one knows what happened to her. I wrote this bit of fiction, blending it with the plot of the 1960 film Psycho by way of an answer. Yes, it’s all fiction, but fun fiction, if you’re into murder and psychological thrillers.


4 thoughts on “Mother, What Have You Done?

  1. Hi James, I was surprised this is not the type of writing I am used to reading from you! It is really good though. I really enjoyed it. They were all just a bunch of murderers in the end huh


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