Why Does My Wine Glass Look Like That?


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Johnny B. and his two companions in “crime” had a merry time of it in first class on their way from London to Sydney. He was late the villain of a popular CW television series, and now taking his musical show on the road, or rather in the air, and he wanted to have a good time. Unfortunately, most of the other people in the aircraft’s exclusive section took a dim view of the three adults behaving like self-indulgent adolescents.

Of course, he took to twitter to humiliate them as was his right as one living out loud and up front.

But sleep had taken everyone eventually. For John, insomnia was a close companion, and eventually, whilst the other passengers were slumbering, he had awakened. Johnny looked at the still half-full cup of wine on his tray. The liquid inside wouldn’t be at that angle unless the aircraft was in a steep dive.

Then the speakers crackled to life. “Ladies and Gentlemen…”

I wrote this for the Sunday Photo Fiction challenge for April 22nd 2018. The idea is to take the image above and use it as the inspiration for crafting a piece of flash fiction no more than 200 words long. My word count is 162.

I follow actor John Barrowman on twitter, and this tweet of his made me wonder what had actually transpired. I consider commercial aircraft to be “libraries with wings,” and yes, I do enjoy a modicum of quiet (children notwithstanding, me being a Dad and Grandpa).

I also recall seeing a single panel comic strip I read some decades ago depicting an aircraft passenger looking at the glass on his tray, with the liquid being tilted at an angle indicating the plane was in a steep dive.

Together, that formed today’s tale.

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6 thoughts on “Why Does My Wine Glass Look Like That?

    • It seems Barrowman’s situation may have been quite a bit different from my fictional character, and certainly he and the rest of the aircraft made it to their destination just fine. Some people are jerks, though.

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  1. I perceive a certain problem with the staging, here. You see, if the plane were in a steep dive, the liquid in the glass in front of “Johnny” would tilt forward, and its angle would be hardly noticeable. Only if he looked at a neighboring glass at his side would he see an angle comparable to that of the photo above (and to really compare to that image it would have to be his left side and across an aisle). Of course, a dive that steep would produce other kinesthetic and audible sensations, such that noticing liquid at an angle would be likely superfluous.


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