Goldilocks Is All Grown Up

girl and bear

Photo credit: Google images – found at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

“If your parents find out about this, they’ll kill us.”

“They won’t find out. Besides, I’m not a little cub anymore. I’m a big bear.”

“I fell in love with you the second I saw you. Maybe even before that.”

“I know, Goldie. You’ve told me before. You ate my porridge, sat in my chair, even *ahem* even slept in my bed.”

“I was a little girl then, Babe.”

“And I was a little cub who didn’t know the ways of the world, but look at us now.”

“We still have to keep this our little secret. If Mum and Da ever saw us together, they’d freak.”

“I’ve seen your Da’s gun. He even tried to hunt Papa once, but fortunately he missed.”

“It’s not just my parents we have to worry about, there’s yours as well.”

“Yeah, no kidding. You’re lucky they didn’t eat you the second they saw you, but they still had their stomachs set on porridge for breakfast, and little girl flesh is too rich for the tummy that early in the morning.”

“You don’t seem to mind ‘little girl flesh,’ my big, handsome bear.” Goldilocks cooed as she stroked his furry arms.

“It’s your big girl flesh I find more interesting.” He buried his huge snout in her neck and pulled her dress down further, gazing longingly at her inviting cleavage. “Come on. Papa and Mama have gone for a long walk. They won’t be home for hours. We can use my bed again. It’s just the right size.”

“So are you, my big Baby Bear.”

I wrote this (again) for Photo Challenge #211 hosted at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. Today, anyone who wants to participate should use the image above to craft a poem, short story, or other creative work.

After I finished the previous version, I wanted to kick myself for missing a “golden” opportunity to rework a classic children’s fairy tale. What happened to Goldilocks and Baby Bear when they grew up?

20 thoughts on “Goldilocks Is All Grown Up

  1. All things considered, though, Goldilocks, as a child in the familiar fairy tale, was portrayed as rather clueless and self-centered. In this story, it doesn’t appear that she’s really any less so as a young adult.


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