The Pirate Anne Bonny

Anne Bonny

Artist’s depiction of the pirate Anne Bonny

The crash of wave and snap of sail sung to her, and Anne Bonny was never more alive than when she was at sea. Now that she and Calico Jack Rackham were wedded, aboard the stolen and former Royal Navy frigate “William,” she, Rackham, and her closest companion Mary Read had recruited a new crew and were far from Governor Rogers and his Nassau boot lickers.

“Wanted pirates. That’s what they’ll call us, isn’t that true Annie?”

“Aye and it is, Mary. It is true, and we’ll plunder the continent from Boston to the Carolinas. We’ll be rich, and as respected as much as any man.”

“But Calico Jack still be the Captain.”

Anne turned the wheel to bring the mainsail into the wind. Jack was inspecting the repairs on the foredeck, and there was no member of the crew close enough to hear them over the roar of the sea.

“That’s true as well, Mary, but all things be temporary.”

“Will the men follow ye, Annie?”

“Ragetti swore they would, or most of them anyway. We might get a bit of a fuss from Pintel, Turner, and one or two of the others, but once they see which way the wind is blowing, they’ll come around.”

“And if they don’t?”

“Then they’ll meet with the same accident I’m planning for Jack.”

“It’ll be an ill fate for both of us if you’re wrong.”

“I wasn’t wrong when my dear Pap’s plantation burned to the ground by accident, nor when James Bonny, my dear departed first husband, was accidentally revealed to be a traitor and informant of the Governor. I won’t be wrong this time.”


“The next merchant ship we encounter. During the boarding, hot lead will be flying, and well, accidents do happen as they say.”

“You always were a keen shot, Annie, and a darling lover.”

“That last bit we must keep to ourselves, dearest. The men may follow a daring woman as pirate captain, but I doubt they’d be too likely to do so if they knew we shared a bed.

I wrote this for First Line Friday hosted at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The idea is to use the posted sentence as the first line of a poem, short story, or other creative work.

I’ve had my mind on female pirates ever since I wrote my wee tale about the ghost of Lai Choi San.

Today’s story is very, very loosely based on certain aspects of the life of Anne Bonny who was a real-life pirate, but who never actually commanded a ship (nor, to the best of my knowledge, did she ever have a romantic or sexual relationship with Mary Read).

Still, it makes for interesting reading (no pun intended).

Interesting fact: situational homosexuality was rampant among the real 17th century pirates of the Caribbean, so much so, that the regional governor arranged for female prostitutes to be imported in an effort to combat the practice. Guess that won’t make it into a Disney film.

6 thoughts on “The Pirate Anne Bonny

  1. Your pirate’s name evoked in me another memory of an outlaw with a similar name, William Bonney, aka Billy the Kid. However, as it turns out, both names were aliases, and his actual name was Henry McCarty — no relation at all to your piratical lass of a century-and-a-half prior, whose name was Anne Cormac until she married James Bonny who provided her entrée into the pirate’s life.


  2. kaykuala

    and we’ll plunder the continent from Boston to the Carolinas.
    We’ll be rich, and as respected as much as any man.

    Had no inkling of women pirates pillaging the Seven Seas, James! Pirates being pirates they could be just as fearsome, perhaps!



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