Last Stand


© Sue Vincent

“Archers! At the ready!” Petran gave the command to his meager squad of elven soldiers as they formed a perimeter around the five Davidson children and the magician Raibyr. Nine-year-old Taylor was at the center with his siblings when he remembered he also had his bow and arrows.

The wind was frigid and fierce, which fortunately made the attacking Beelzebub horde uncertain in the air, but would also make accuracy with the bow extremely difficult.

The sense of the warrior Azzorh within Taylor came over him, and he nocked his first arrow.

The bat-winged demons were in as tight a formation as possible given the storm that was tracking toward the party from the west; a massive cloud of swollen, sickly green flies whose home was sewage, and whose taste was for blood.

While Mandy had her other brother Jake and her two sisters Paris and Zooey huddled around her close to the ground, along with Taylor, the wizard Raibyr was standing, as if oblivious to the tempest, facing headlong into gale and disaster.

The swarm loomed closer and Taylor felt his palms moisten with sweat while inside, he was silently begging the Sergeant of the Guards to give the command to fire.

Mandy and the others were deafened by the screaming of the wind and the cacophony caused by the harsh flapping of hundreds of leathery-demon wings.

Raibyr continued to gaze at the approaching cloud of doom, and if anyone had been looking her way, they would have noticed her expression of concern smooth to calm as her lips muttered an unheard chant.

Within Zooey’s tunic, the mouse Sapplehenning quieted his scurrying, and whispered to the five-year-old, “They’re coming.”

The men and women of the elven guard, twenty strong including Petran, held their bows high, arrows aimed at the foe, faces set in grim resolution, and though outnumbered ten to one, they would fight for Queen and country, for honor and glory, and for the sake of their innocent charges who would fall only moments after the warriors of Direhaven.

Petran could see blood-scarlet irises set in yellowish-white eyes, staring malevolently, and determined to slay.


Twenty-one arrows were set aloft, speeding toward grim, gray bodies, claws extended and fangs exposed. They struck twenty-one targets, most yielding mortal wounds, but as they fell, the rest were upon them.

“Swords and maces,” cried Petran, and the warriors engaged the enemy hand-to-hand.

Celeste violently shook in Taylor’s hand, and the blade glowed eldritch ebony and violet as he struck the attacking demon, slicing upward from ribs to collarbone, sending it screeching away, first upward, and then borne away by the wind into the sand and grass just beyond the ring of soldiers.

Another was wary and tried to pull away from the child with the sword at the last second, but Celeste managed to cleave a wing full in half, sending the Beelzebub after its doomed counterpart.

Two of the guard had fallen, wounded mortally, while the rest battled with valiant fury, killing or crippling yet a second twenty, sending their vile souls back to the Hell that had spawned them.

The rest, all remaining airborne, completed their first pass over the defenders and soared upward again, swinging around for their next attack. High above the swarm, Raibyr spied Pazuzu and Humbaba, and when Taylor saw the larger and more sinister demons, the recognized them from what Paris and Dani had described as the demons of wind and storm.

“Stop them! The others will lose courage.” Taylor thrust his blade upward in the direction of the leading demons.

“They are too high, lad,” Raibyr replied. “In this wind, arrows would never reach them.”

“Then what can?”

“While they’re regrouping, another volley of arrows.” Petran was covered in blood as were most of the other elves, but it was impossible to tell how much was his because he was drenched with that of the demons as well.

Quickly sheathing their weapons, they turned to their bows and managed to get off two more volleys before the Beelzebub could bring the battle back to the ground. There were not as many strikes this time, but still over a quarter of their original force had been brought low.

This time, as the demons closed in, there was no need for the order to battle with hand weapons, but now the horde had changed their tactics. Instead of them all descending from a single direction, they broke formation and landed in a circle around the camp, all that is save five who rose high above and then plunged directly downward at the Davidsons and Raibyr.

Genk and another soldier named Eldra, broke ranks and struck at two of the winged horrors, the former fully decapitating his target, and the latter disemboweling her adversary.

Celeste had a life of its own and Taylor felt as if he were a tool of the sword rather than the opposite, as the blade first impaled one of the demons through its black heart, and then quickly withdrew and pierced the eye and surrounding socket of the foul creature beside it.

The remaining combatant tried to rise to the east, but was low enough for the mace of another guard to crush the right side of its skull, casting it into the Stygian pits of Hades along with scores of its like.

They all heard a cry from above, perhaps for one of the storm demons, and the remainder of the Beelzebub took wing, leaving another five courageous elves face down in the mud.

This time, the winged swarm remained high above, still more than half of their forces remaining. Only thirteen of the elven patrol were standing with weapons in hand, plus Taylor, the boy cut and bleeding from half a dozen wounds, some severe.


“I’m fine, Mandy.”

The oldest Davidson reached out and grasped her brother by the ankle.

Seeing that the attackers were still high above, he sheathed his bloody sword and knelt down. “I said I was okay.” Belying his comment, he winced at a pain in his side.

“Come here.” She pulled him close and embraced him. “I love you.”

He could feel his strength and courage falter and tears pooled in his eyes. “There’ll be time for that later. I’ve got to fight with the others.” Then he looked down. “Zooey?”

“The wind is keeping the eagles and falcons away. They’re not strong enough to fight it.”

“They’re getting smarter,” Paris added. “Separated from Shay the rest of Wynjeon’s army, and with the storm keeping away the raptors, it’s only a matter of time until they get us.”

He turned to his younger brother. “Jake?”

“I don’t see anything. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. We’ll get out of this somehow.” Mandy wished she believed herself.

“Stand, lad. They’re coming again.” Genk tugged at his shoulder.

Taylor got back on his feet and looked up. This time the demons had moved far off to the west. In the distance, they plunged earthward and them pulled up, just skimming the surface of the grass, and speeding toward them at terrific speed, the wind now at near-gale force.

“We can’t shoot arrows into that,” Petran declared, his voice roaring above the storm. “Brace yourselves.”

“I say little warrior,” Eldra touched his arm. “Your wounds have stopped bleeding.”

“What?” Taylor risked a quick look and saw the deep cut on his shoulder caused by a demonic claw only minutes ago, was now a healing scar. The pain in his side was only a dull ache now. He pulled Celeste from its sheath and gritted his teeth. Summoning the valor and might of Azzorh from within, he yelled, “Let’s do this!”

As many soldiers as could be spared, re-enforced the barrier to the west to stand against the demon forces surging toward them, while some few remained around the rest of the perimeter in case the foe sent minions from behind.

Raibyr was the first to notice the thick gray clouds ripple and twist from the south, a low vibration echoing in their ears and deep in their bones.

“She’s coming.” The mage had a smile on her face.

It sounded like a loud popping noise from high above at first, but then there was a barrage of sound as a vast, streaming jet of flame caught Humbaba in the face, neck, and torso. Then there was an explosion, as the storm demon flew apart into dripping, molten flesh and scorching vapor.

The concussion sent Pazuzu into a corkscrew dive, pulling the storm with it. Suddenly, the wind yanked everyone sideways to the north. The elves and the humans were thrown violently to the ground, while a hundred or more Beelzebub were tossed like leaves in a hurricane into the same direction and then up into a cyclone.

The ground quaked under the impact as what was left of Humbaba struck the ground to the southwest.

Zooey was the first to roll over onto her back and see what was happening.

“It’s Shay.”

Raibyr, now back on her knees held the child by the arm, and looking skyward said, “It is indeed, child. Now if only they can arrive in time.”

In the sky above, the Beelzebub were scattered across the firmament as they reached the top of the funnel, and the winds began to calm. Shay banked to the left, circled, and then began her dive toward Pazuzu, who was uncertainly being suspended by thermal column. Upon her back, the dragonrider Danijel, her sword Witherbrand raised high, gave out a battle cry too faint to be heard by the defenders on the ground far below.

Then, the wind demon shot upward suddenly, barely evading the dragon’s fiery blast, but came within range of Dani’s swinging blade, which sliced neatly through Pazuzu’s right thigh.

The troops below were all on their feet, and witnessing the aerial battle, cried out in victory. Pazuzu, bleeding profusely, moved off, just as the Beelzebub gathered in an attacking phalanx and struck.

The dragon cried out in shock and surprise, being cut open across her wings and underbelly by a multitude of talons and fangs. Dani battled furiously, and Witherbrand claimed six of the demon horde in a matter of seconds. Shay recovered enough to dispatch another half-dozen with her claws before they passed behind her.

Throwing her tail hard to the left, she swung fully around in the air like a winged feline, and before the demons could bank for another pass, a roar of white-hot flame engulfed their company, reducing the number of the remaining Beelzebub by half, their ashes scattered across the landscape by the winds which, thanks to the death of Humbaba and Pazuzu’s injuries, had been rendered little more than a breeze.

But the wind demon proved it was not so helpless, as a violent wind shear struck the golden dragon and she fell a hundred feet, looking like someone who, standing on a floor, had suddenly plunged down into an unseen pit. Dani could barely hang on, and though her left hand maintained its grip on the dragon’s scales, the rest of her went into free fall. Desperately, she clung to both sword and Shay.

This time, the Beelzebub hit the dragon from behind and below, slicing her open, and threatening to spill her entrails across the heavens. She entered a death spiral, falling near to where Humbaba met its end. Pazuzu caused the air surrounding the dragon to pull her downward like the hand of the Gray God, the stone and dirt beneath her seeming like both tombstone and grave as she continued her plunged toward the ground.

“No! Shay!” Mandy called out while everyone else was mute in shock.

The ground shook as the great golden dragon struck and then bounced once, twice, and then was still. Dani was thrown clear and landed in loose dirt and grass some yards away, then was as unmoving as her friend.

In the air directly above, fifty demons circled, and in the center, Pazuzu soared and laughed.

They watched Dani climb to her feet, and then seeing the injured and dying dragon, she screamed and ran at a limp toward her, ignoring the pain in what she later discovered was a broken ankle, forearm, and two cracked ribs. Witherbrand was near Shay’s body, but she ignored it as she reached the dragon’s bleeding and shattered frame, and embraced her neck.

“Mandy, help her.” Jake put his hand on his sister’s forearm.

“What are you talking about?” She looked down at her brother’s pleading face and then back at the dragon, seeing blood oozing from beneath her scales and her mouth, both wings broken, easy prey for the demon swarm which, once they dispatched her, would finish the rest of them.

“You can do it. You can save her life.”

“How? I’ve been learning healing with roots and potions, but nothing like this.”

“You saved Zooey’s life and you didn’t even realize it. You healed Taylor’s cuts in seconds.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Yes, you did, child.” Raibyr was standing next to them, unnoticed until that moment. “It is your gift, just as it the others have gifts.”

“How do you know?”

Jake answered this time. “I had a dream. I don’t know if it was the dream that changed you, or if it just told me you changed, but if you can touch Shay, she has a chance. If you don’t, she’ll die.”

“Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“I didn’t know before.”

“This is certain, child.” The magician looked into the thirteen-year-old’s eyes. “This sacrifice is a lot to ask, but it is part of your gift and your destiny.”

The girl looked up at the still circling demons which no longer seemed anxious to hurry the attack.

“They are savoring what they think is a sure victory. There’s time, but not much of it.” The wizard spoke softly, as a parent might when helping a child learn something new and challenging. “You have to act quickly.”

“Just touch her and hold on, Mandy,” Jake encouraged her. “That’s how you saved Zooey and Taylor.”

“Saved?” Taylor touched where he had been hurt, but now it was almost impossible to tell where the wounds were.

“A demon caught you full in the ribs, boy.” Genk patted his shoulder. “I’ve seen that sort of wound before. You didn’t feel it, perhaps due to the heat of battle or shock, but unattended, you would have lost much blood and your life would have ended.”

Taylor looked at his feet and saw his boots were drenched red. It wasn’t the blood of demons.

“Go, child. Hurry.” The sorceress hugged her. “Please.”

Mandy took three steps forward. The grouping of elven soldiers was now thin. She looked up once, then back at Dani and Shay in the distance. Then she ran toward them, breaking through the line of warriors before they could react.

Petran began to give the order to go after her, but Raibyr intervened. “She has to do this, Sergeant. We all have so little time left.”

Dani didn’t see Mandy coming until they were side-by-side, and the younger girl grasped the snout of the dragon.

“Shay, it’s me. It’s Mandy. I’m supposed to help you, but I don’t know how. If you know, please tell me.” She buried her face into hers and sobbed. Then she felt Dani holding onto her.

“How can you help her?”

“They say I can heal her like I healed Zooey and Taylor. Even if I have this power, she’s so much bigger.”

Back in the camp, Raibyr looked back up. “It’s too late.”

Half a hundred demons had gathered together, and with Pazuzu remaining above, began their final attack on the dragon. They thought if two of the humans died with her, so much the better.

Dani saw their approach, spun and grabbed Witherbrand from out of the sand. She reached down to her left ankle, but the agony she’d felt before as she ran, shards of bone scraping against each other, was now a dull ache, just as the pain in her side and her right forearm.

Taking a stance, she raised her blade and shield. Hot tears of rage steaming down her face, she screamed, “Come and get me you bastards and I’ll let Witherbrand drink your blood!”

Mandy trembled but held onto the dragon. She could hear Shay’s heart beat faster, and her body twitched, but she was still far too weak. When the Beelzebub struck this time, there would be no saving her.

At the camp, “Petran, we have to help.”

“Sorry, lad. Everyone, keep your place. Tighten your ranks, everyone. We’re too far away to help them in time, but after the demons are through with the dragon, they’ll come for us as sure as the sunrise.”

The distant flutter of wings drew their attention northward toward the sea.

“No, please no,” Paris begged. “Not more demons. Not now.”

“Jack!” Zooey held her hand out as the crow alighted on her forearm. “You’re very brave to come back with all these demons around. What?” The girl listened for a second and then yelled with joy. “Yippee. It’s the dragons. Jack brought back Kaleen and the other dragons. They’re here.”

They were close enough now to recognize five dragons flying toward them. In the lead was a pale green dragon with a beige underbelly, and at each of his sides, a pair of others, a mix of companions, with at least one silver, but the others were all new to the children.

“They’re still too far away.” Genk was pointing at the demons who were only seconds away from the helplessly grounded golden dragon.

Abruptly, out of nowhere, a ball of flame enveloped the demonic swarm. Then they saw the intense column of fire shooting from above as a brilliant amber dragon raced downward out of the clouds directly overhead in a surprise attack.

On the ground, as the demons scattered, Dani saw the other dragon, and upon the other dragon, she saw a man. “Aidan. Kaleen. You came. Oh thank God you came.” She almost dropped to her knees in gratitude and relief, but then the demons weren’t through with them yet.

Over half of the attackers soared back up out of the inferno in all directions, while the remainder crashed to the ground all around the two girls and the dragon, their corpses smoldering and giving off a disgusting stench.

By the time Kaleen banked and began his climb upward toward the wind demon, the remaining five attackers from Vovin had engaged the surviving members of the horde.

“You’re mine,” muttered the young man on the dragon’s back as he drew a wickedly long blade.

“It’s ours, my young friend,” roared the dragon. “I’ve been waiting a long time to pay this one back for the deaths of my kin.”

From the ground, they saw Pazuzu turn westward and flee with Kaleen in pursuit, but there was no escape for the remaining Beelzebub. The five dragons broke formation and attacked at will.

The lead dragon displayed a single horn from her forehead and the wisp of a thin beard from her chin. Then she suddenly spread her wings and braked in the air, and then from both eyes and the tip of her tail, blinding flashes of light streaked toward the demons. When each of them struck, a member of the hellspawn ignited, and then in a puff of smoke, they were gone.

Each of the dragons seemed to have a different attack. One blew out clouds of what seemed to be a noxious vapor, and from its midst, fell demons, dead before they hit the ground.

One dragon was almost pure white, with what appeared to be a ridge of fur rising from its spine. It surfed through the air like a serpent and was not suspended by wings. He used long, serrated teeth and claws to tear through his enemies, and the now terrified Beelzebub could do nothing to resist him.

The five faded into the distance in the western sky in pursuit of the remnant of the enemy, and after a moment, another figure returned. It was Kaleen.

With the demons dead or fleeing, Dani sheathed her sword and waved at the man on the dragon, as Kaleen banked over her head. Swiftly the dragon landed, and after his rider dismounted, he walked solemnly toward Shay.

Mandy was terrified, for this golden dragon was even larger and more imposing than Shay. His scales were streaked with a dozen shades of yellow, amber, gold, and pale orange, as if his very body were made of the very flames he breathed.

“My wife.” His voice reverberated with sorrow.

Shay’s eyes fluttered open. Mandy stepped backward, directly in front of Shay as Kaleen approached from her right.

“Husband.” Her voice was weak, and she could barely lift her head, but already the teenager could see she had stopped bleeding, and the worst of her wounds were slowly mending.

The two dragons pressed their snouts and nuzzled. “I must leave you for a moment, but Aidan and Danijel will attend you.” He looked up, and Mandy trembled in terror at the dragon’s stare.

“A friend, husband. One of my children.”

If a dragon can smile, Kaleen’s was thin and wane. “Then she is one of our children, beloved.” He nodded, and Mandy hesitantly walked back to Shay. She needed so much more healing.

Kaleen turned and with a single movement of his wings, had crossed the distance between his mate and the elven soldiers.

Dani was hugging Aidan tightly. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“It’s going to be fine, Dani. We’re here now. No one will hurt you. We’ll take care of these demons, too.”

“Demons?” Dani raised her head from the man’s shoulder. “No. Wait.”

She pushed Aidan back and started running toward Kaleen who was now confronting Petran.

“What were you planning to do to these children, demons? Release them to me, and I promise you a swift and painless death.”

“Wait!” Taylor ran forward. Like the others, he had put away his sword once it seemed the battle was over, but now he had hand on Celeste’s hilt.

Genk and Eldra grabbed him from behind. Let Petran handle this, lad, “Genk advised.

“You’ll want to talk with me, dragon.” Raibyr stepped forward.

“A mage of Direhaven, and more dangerous than all of this pitiful little band, I’ll wager.”

“We are not your enemies, dragon. In fact, you have always been our hope.”


“No, she’s not, Kaleen.” Dani ground to a halt, standing between the dragon and the elves.

“You don’t know the danger they represent, child. Step aside. Return to Shay. I shall retrieve your companions and then be done with these creatures.”

“They’re our allies. They saved our lives in the Quag Lands, and we have pledged friendship to them in Direhaven itself.”

“You were in their city? Then you were bewitched. We will purge you soon enough, but first the children must be freed. Step in and bring them out, then all of you go to my wife.”

“It’s not like that.” Taylor shook off the two guards and walked up to Dani. “They’re our friends. We fought off the demons together. Shay can tell you.”

“That’s right.” Paris came forward with Jake just behind and stood by the rest. “Shay and Dani were supposed to bring my brothers and sisters to Vovin. On the way, we visited Direhaven. Shay made friends with their Queen Janellize. Their army saved us from the demons at the Quag Lands, and when Shay was too weak to leave, they stayed with her, protected her, and put her on a wagon to take her home.”

“It’s true, Kaleen. All of it. Why would I lie? Yes, I was bewitched by the demon Sakhr, but was these elves…” She put her arm around Raibyr. “…it was this elf especially who saved my life and my soul. Without her and the others, I would already be lost, and so would these children. And so would Shay.”

Kaleen took several steps back away from the group and looked behind. Shay was on her feet now, ponderously limping toward them with Aidan and Mandy on either side.

“It is all true, my husband. These are not our enemies. There is much healing to my body that still must be done, just as there is great healing required between Direhaven and Vovin.

“At your word my wife, so I believe.”

She was close enough now that he draped one wing across her. Aidan and Mandy walked to Dani.

“Shay told me about them, about how the elves saved you and Shay, and about how this girl…” Aidan waved a hand in Mandy’s direction. “…was healing her.”

“I had not fully recovered from my ordeal in the Quag Lands, but was made aware of the terrible danger to the children by the magician. Though still weakened, I had to intervene.”

“We had to help, Kaleen.” Dani was holding on to Aidan again. “How could we not?”

Taylor sized up the man Dani was with. He looked like a guy who was old enough to be in college and Dani was only fifteen. The boy was puzzled at what their relationship could be and was more than a little jealous.

“We’d have done the same thing.”

“Yes, Aidan. We would have indeed.” The dragon turned back to his wife, who was resting her head on his chest. “You were still too weak to have battled such a foe, darling.”

“I suppose then that it’s fortunate you came in time.”

Mandy stood amazed that creatures so large, so powerful, so terrifying, could also be loving, tender, and gentle.

“That’s because he got Jack’s message.” Zooey still had the crow in her hand, and Sapplehenning wisely continued to hide inside the little girl’s clothing.

“Zooey, you sent a message to Vovin with a crow?”

“Sure, Shay. We knew we needed help, and Jack wasn’t afraid.”

“When the crow arrived, we thought it just another refugee bird from the wilderness, but a few of the children understood his cawing and translated the message. We came as swiftly as our wings could bear us.”

“You have children who can speak crow?” The little girl’s eyes went wide with wonder.

“Only a few, though I suspect, your talents will far outshine theirs. “We shall see shortly, or as soon as my wife feels well enough to travel.”

“With Mandy’s help, I will be well soon, Kaleen.”

“Excuse me, Sir.” Petran worked up all of his courage to address the dragon. “Our main forces may be only a day behind by now, and without the presence of the dragon Shay, they may be here more swiftly than that. It would be our honor to escort you and your party to the city of Vovin. I was under orders to do so with these children when we were attacked.

Kaleen looked at Shay who nodded her agreement and the dragon turned to the elves. “I have been corrected regarding your role in these matters and apologize. How may I address you?”

“I am Petran, Sergeant of the Guard, at your service.” He bowed but didn’t take his eyes off of the dragon.

“Then Petran, Sergeant of the Guard, I beg your forgiveness and the forgiveness of those under your command. It would be my honor to have you escort my wife and our children to our city, and certainly upon arrival, you would be our guests.”

From the west, five figures approached, the dragons of Vovin.

“I see my companions return. I must advise them of these events and shall return shortly.” He nuzzled his wife again. “I’ll only be gone a few minutes.”

“I’ll be here waiting,” she whispered breathlessly.

In moments, Keleen soared upward, meeting the others in the air, and moments after that, they dispersed. Then Keleen returned to his wife and the others.

“Zylink will return to Vovin and relate these events so our arrival can be anticipated. The rest will continue to scout the area for any other threats if such remain. We will stay here until the bulk of your army reaches us, Sergeant Petran. Then we will all journey to the sea to the north, and then west to Vovin.”

“Of course, Sir. Now if you’ll forgive us, it is our next sad duty to bury our dead.”

Keleen stood his full height and reviewed the sea of carnage around him, as if seeing it for the first time. The mangled bodies of elf and demon were scattered all around them, a grim testimony to war, and a sight more ghastly than any adult or child should have to witness or even imagine.

“I shall dispose of the remains of our foe. This land so close to ours should not be soiled with the litter of such as they.”

As the dragon moved off, Aidan felt a tug on his pants leg and a small voice called up to him. “Excuse me. Who are you and why are you hugging Dani?”

He looked down and chuckled.

Dani blushed and smiled. “I’m sorry. I guess I forgot in all the excitement. This is my brother Aidan.”

“Brother?” Mandy was at Shay’s side now that Keleen had left. She’d be spending a lot of time with the dragon for a while, but couldn’t take her eyes off of the pale haired, handsome young man.

“Pleased to meet you,” Aidan replied. “I guess we’ll be getting to know each other soon.” He turned toward Mandy. “Thank you for helping Shay.”

It was Mandy’s turn to blush.


It was three days later in the early evening when Wynjeon and the armies of Direhaven, the dragons Shay and Keleen, Danijel and her older brother Aidan, and the five Davidson children climbed up to the top of the last rise and then down toward the shores of the northern sea.

Overhead, Zylink cried out so similarly to a crow, though with Zooey’s blessings (and to Sapplehenning’s relief), Jack had left them days before, bringing a hundred dragons of all manner and type, and with them, the blessings of their community of Vovin. But even with their journey so close to the end, there was so much still left to do.

Again, I made this story do double duty, applying it to the Tale Weaver challenge hosted at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and the Thursday #writephoto prompt “wave” hosted at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo.

For the Tale Weaver, I’m supposed to use the theme “climbing up” and for Sue, I use the image at the top of the story, both to craft a poem, short story or other creative work.

This is the 23rd chapter in my fantasy story about the Davidson children trapped in a strange exile world full of dragons, demons, elves, and other fantastic beings, and in spite of what you’ve just read, we’re not at the end, well, not quite. There should be about two more entries in this part of the saga, and we still have to introduce Vovin and its inhabitants yet.

The table of contents for my epic tale so far is:

  1. The Forest
  2. Gerliliam
  3. A Tale Shared Among Friends
  4. Mr. Covingham’s Secret
  5. Departure
  6. Wilderness Pilgrims
  7. The God of the Dark Hills
  8. Hall of the Mountain Kings
  9. Sojourn in Direhaven
  10. Trial at Sakhr
  11. What Secrets We Keep
  12. The Uneasy Pact
  13. The Tracker
  14. Duel at Orholt
  15. Valley of Blood
  16. The Fallen
  17. Massacre
  18. Decision
  19. Conflagration
  20. Descent
  21. Dire Beginning
  22. The Beelzebub

Of course, all of this is a first draft, and once I get it completed (getting closer all the time), I’ll polish it offline and hopefully get it to the point where it will be worthy of publication.

In the meantime, I hope you’re enjoying what I’ve authored so far.

The next and last chapter is Vovin.

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