WALL-E and EVE: A New Look

With all of the angst going on in the news and social media as well as here in the blogosphere, I thought we should start off the day with a smile. So here you go.


Found on Facebook – image credit unknown

7 thoughts on “WALL-E and EVE: A New Look

  1. Well! Wall-E has certainly beefed up! He must be doing construction work now that the human survivors have returned to the planet. But EvA has apparently left her environmental analysis gig altogether and been outfitted with a storm-trooper’s body. Gotta’ wonder what threats are facing the refugees now, since the original film indicated no wildlife or life of any kind had survived on the planet, except for a tiny sprout such as Wall-E nurtured until EvA saw it. We might infer a few more sprouts here and there as the planet had again become habitable, but it would be a stretch to infer the kinds of dangerous stuff that EvA’s new body portends. Perhaps an alien invasion of the newly re-habitable planet?


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