Another Troll Has Surfaced


Screenshot taken from Fandango’s blog

Yeah, that’s a real comment from a troll on Fandango’s blog and it’s pretty shocking. I suppose stuff like this goes on all the time, but I don’t see a lot of this unless I deliberately go looking for it.

After a brief Google search, I discovered you can report such comments to WordPress. You can also blacklist people and, in an extreme case, make your WordPress blog private so people have to ask permission to view your content (sort of self-defeating for a notorious blabbermouth like me).

I sometimes suspect these trolls aren’t actual people and that they’re operating from fake accounts, but as it turns out this guy is real (I assume it’s a guy based on the comment plus some of the content on his blog). If you’re curious, here’s his About, though I’d recommend not knocking on his door (he’ll probably get a “pingback” since I posted the URL).

Remember, any body who can blog probably will, so opinions in the blogosphere widely vary.

15 thoughts on “Another Troll Has Surfaced

  1. I’m having a hard time making out what this means in the context of the topic: Remember, any body who can blog probably will, so opinions in the blogosphere widely vary.

    Banning this person isn’t enough, he should be on a watch list.


  2. from a post (by Stacey at Certainly, Write), which was linked under yours in my reader:

    “You have just begun to prepare a Troll’s Feast.

    But friend, the best way to negate Internet Trolls is to ignore them. Pretend they aren’t there. Unless you’re witty, usually comically inclined, energy to waste and have precious minutes to spare – STOP FEEDING THE TROLLS.”

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  3. I experienced a troll writing some negative stuff in a personal attack. The troll did not have a word press account I suspect it was someone who had a difference of opinion from the blog Followship of the Mind. Not much I could do except delete the comments….


    • Their email address and IP address should still show up when they make a comment, and you can blacklist both. That said, if a troll can’t get a rise out of you and you keep deleting their comments, they’re likely to move on. They get bored and crave attention.

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