Quoting: Talking to the Little Child Within


Rabbi Zelig Pliskin – Found at the website promoting the book “The Light From Zion.”

We all have many positive messages stored in our mind since childhood. Counterproductive and limiting messages are stored, too. We may have outgrown many of them. but often, not all of them. Now, in the present, we have the ability to talk to the “little child” within, as it were. You can immerse your childhood self with positive and life-enhancing messages.

Some people find that giving encouraging and empowering messages to their “inner child” helps them do more than just develop new attitudes and mindsets.

What is the main message that is so important for every child to have? It is the awareness that he is a valuable human being. He is lovable; other people will like him and want to be friends with him. He has positive qualities now and he will be able to continue developing these and other positive qualities throughout his life. He is competent and able to do many things, and he will be able to keep learning new things throughout his life.

People who already have these positive attitudes, beliefs, and mind-sets are fortunate. Those who don’t yet have them need to make it a high priority to keep developing them. By talking to your “inner child” directly, you can make it easier for your mind to integrate these basic and fundamental attitudes towards yourself and your life.

Think of some positive things that you wished someone would have told you when you were growing up. Now you can say these and similar things to your “inner child.” You know better than anyone else what your “inner child” needs to hear. Say it in ways that your “inner child” will understand.

As you keep growing and developing, you become more aware of your true talents, skills, and abilities. When you were younger, wouldn’t it have been wonderful if some wise individual had told you all the good things about you? Now you have the ability to tell your “inner child” what it will eventually learn and know and accomplish. Imagine the good feelings that your “little child” will feel when it receives the reassurance that you can now give it.

-from Rabbi Zelig Pliskin’s book Conversations With Yourself

I’ll be on the road most of the day traveling to visit my Mom and probably won’t be online too much between now and Monday, just in case anyone wonders.

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