The Sympathizer

“Ander Diaz is a Basque name.”

“Yes, but fear not. I am a proud Basque but also a sympathizer. I have promised, on my life, to see you across safely.”

Robert Norton’s keen blue eyes looked into the night. “Life. An interesting concept.”

“We must wait for your escort.

“Why risk yourself me?”

“My grandmother was like you. She was very beautiful. I even met her once., before they hunted her down and…”

“I understand.”

“Sir, realize I do not sympathize with the Nazis, just you.”

“But only they will welcome me, protect me. I see my contact on the other side.” An ice cold hand patted Ander’s shoulder. “Thank you, my friend. I’d never have survived in England.”

“The underground will always be here. Good luck.”

“Thank you.” The vampire rose from their hiding place and crossed over into Nazi occupied France. There would be good hunting here.

I wrote this for the What Pegman Saw challenge. The idea is to use a Google Maps image and/or location as the prompt for crafting a piece of flash fiction no more than 150 words long. My word count is 149.

Today, the Pegman takes us to Basque Region, Spain. I had a tough time finding a hook for this, but then, it had been a long time since I’d written a vampire story.

One way for people to get out of Nazi occupied France during World War Two was into neutral Spain, but what if the only way for a vampire to survive was to join the Nazis?

Read other stories based on the prompt at (The grandchildren came over early, so I have to make this fast).

19 thoughts on “The Sympathizer

  1. I guess if any group of people would welcome vampires…

    You had me going. At first i thought the blue eyed person was Spanish, then Nazi German, but your last line ( and the cold hand) explained why he really had to flee. Imagine anyone sympathizing with vampires. Or Nazis for that matter. It curdles the blood to think about either.


    • I don’t think either of my characters sympathized with the Nazis. For the Basque man, he was protecting vampires because he didn’t believed they asked for their fate. The vampire, of course, was going to the only sanctuary for his kind.

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    • Norton wasn’t a Nazi, but only the Nazi’s promised safe haven to vampires, probably because they intended to put them to some evil use. As far as the Basque gentleman, his experience with his own grandmother probably led him to conclude that vampires don’t ask to become what they are and only do what they do out of necessity (at least some of them), not malevolence. It’s tough to present vampires as sympathetic characters, but I try.


    • Vampires hunting the Nazis who are giving them sanctuary would be a bit like biting the hand (or neck) that feeds you. Best guess is that the Nazis would have vampires putting down the resistance movement in occupied France.


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