Quoting: Picture Success

We were put into this world to accomplish. Each of us has a unique mission. There are many different forms of personal achievement, just as there are different people on our planet.

Make it a regular habit to imagine yourself accomplishing what you wish to accomplish. This will motivate yourself to accomplish more. As you create these visions in your mind’s eye, you will be conditioning yourself in a way that – in reality – will lead to many positive accomplishments.

Sources: For a series of probing questions on this topic, see Rabbi Zelig Pliskin’s “Gateway to Self Knowledge,” pp. 101-2

6 thoughts on “Quoting: Picture Success

  1. My first “job” was selling pots and pans door-to-door and part of our training was something they called “visualization.” We were told to visualize ourselves making a sale and to visualize all that we could do/buy with the money we could make. That, we were told, was the key to success. I sucked at selling pots and pans door-to-door, no matter how hated I visualized.


      • Let’s see. Every once in a blue moon, a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses will show up, but I haven’t seen any in ages. One noticed the mezuzah we have on our door frame (because my wife is Jewish), and had the sensitivity to put our house on a “no visit” list. I was impressed.

        The last such visitor was a real estate agent who said she just moved into our neighborhood and was promoting her services. Others are usually people offering lawn service or something similar, and of course there are always the kids raising money for their class band trip or something similar.

        I try to be very polite and inform them that I don’t “do” door-to-door solicitors.

        Oh, since we don’t celebrate Halloween in any sense, we close all the blinds at the front of our home and turn off the lights. Some kids will still ring the bell, but eventually that goes away.

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