Quoting: Life-Tests and Trust

When a person has mastered the trait of trust in G-d, (“bitachon”), he will look forward to difficult life-tests in order to show his love for the Almighty. His devotion to the Almighty in difficult situations is a manifestation of his high spiritual level and he actually welcomes these tests.

-See Rabbi Yosef Hurwitz of Nevardok – Madraigos Haadam; Rabbi Zelig Pliskin’s “Consulting the Wise”

One thought on “Quoting: Life-Tests and Trust

  1. I think this is the first occasion where I must disagree with Rabbi Pliskin, and I suppose with Rabbi Hurwitz. Someone who truly has mastered “bitachon” has no need to demonstrate it or prove himself. Hence it could not be true that he would be looking forward to such difficulties in order to have opportunity to do so. He would certainly accept them when they come, and rejoice that he has the gracious ability to cope with them — but it would be rather a failing to anticipate them.

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