Quoting: Enjoy Your Self-Talk When Doing What You Must

Sometimes you can find ways to actually enjoy doing something dull or boring. But when you can’t come up with a creative way to enjoy what you are doing, you can still talk to yourself in interesting and fun ways. Your hands will be engaged in an activity that you need to do, but your mind will be engaged in a running dialogue that is interesting and even entertaining.

How you feel at any given moment will depend greatly on your self-talk at that moment. Even if you start out with negative self-talk that creates distress, realize that your thoughts are the key factor in whether you will feel good or bad.

People who have learned how to talk to themselves in ways they find enjoyable find enjoyment when others find distress. They don’t procrastinate as much. They get more done. If you can’t think creatively when you’re doing something you don’t enjoy, you can always think thoughts of gratitude. Thinking gratefully lifts your spirit and is the basis of happiness.

-from Rabbi Zelig Pliskin’s book: “Taking Action” – pages 69-70

8 thoughts on “Quoting: Enjoy Your Self-Talk When Doing What You Must

    • Oops! Typo alert! Discreet means on the down low, under the radar, careful, but discrete means individual or detached. They come from the same ultimate source, the Latin discrētus, for separated or distinct, but discreet has taken its own advice and quietly gone its separate way — and it was this careful unobtrusiveness that I had in mind despite my faulty spelling which I failed to notice in my prior posting.


  1. I was talking with HaShem out loud yesterday when home alone. But someone has an Alexa in this place And can listen in — which I think he did. He was later asking me if I was okay. Lol.


    • The person I’ve been taking my creative writing class from said the other day, she was listening to a bible lesson and her Alexa kept responding to place names by saying something like, “I don’t know where that is.” LOL


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