The Burning Woman


“It’s like a manhood thing with him — as if manhood can be associated with him,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said in a private meeting with House Democrats. | Andrew Harnik/AP Photo

Okay, last one for today. The images are pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll explain anyway. The one at the very top was taken of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer leaving the White House after a recent meeting with President Donald Trump. According to various sources including The New York Times, Pelosi pretty much “owned” Trump in that get together, and you can see in the photo above, she looks well pleased with herself. Sort of a cat vs. canary moment, and she gets to be the cat.

So someone used their vast Photoshop skills and created the following, which was supposedly projected on the side of the Federal Building in San Francisco. I’m sure a lot of people loved it.

arson pelosi

Image projected on the side of the Federal Building in San Francisco – Image attributed to @laureldavilacpa on twitter according to the Times article.

However, I immediately thought of the “evil girl burning house” meme and decided to “marry” them. I think it turned out well for a “quickie” job, it’s really funny, and I’ve already shared it on Facebook and twitter.

evil girl

My version of a Nancy Pelosi meme

11 thoughts on “The Burning Woman

  1. Of course a successful and/or capable woman is evil while a disgusting and had guy is a poor innocent (or thereabouts). Maybe this is another Storm Front thread.


    • It was a joke. Someone made a meme of Pelosi walking away from a burning White House and the very first thing I thought of was the “evil girl burning house” meme, so I rolled with it. Besides, there’s so much “love” for her on social media because of her encounter with Trump, I decided to “humanize” her a bit. But there’s more.

      Actually, according to one San Francisco TV news station when referencing Pelosi’s Democratic opponents to her becoming the House speaker again:

      “Pelosi’s opponents have argued it was time for younger leaders to command the party. They also said her demonization as an out-of-touch radical in tens of millions of dollars’ worth of Republican television ads was costing Democrats seats.”

      Just because she’s a woman and a liberal doesn’t make her perfect, and before you (or anyone) says, “She’s better than Trump,” I’m talking about looking at her objectively, not in relation to anyone.


      • I never said she’s perfect — and rather than saying she’s better than Trump, I said what I did say. Now, it is clear your “joke” is not a reasonable lead-in for an objectivity to which you pretend. I don’t want to get into any details, as that doesn’t and wouldn’t get anywhere. If we simply recognize that there are people who don’t like either of these individuals (which is, of course, rather sanitizing to the matter)…

        … you’ve nevertheless portrayed her as drastically worse. Humanizing, you say; what a farce.


  2. Ms. “We need to vote on it* to see what is in it” needs to go. Why do people keep sending her back? She is after power, power and power. {* “it” in this case was the ACA bill. Why would you vote on something you had not read?}


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