Quoting: Feel Joy for the Miracle of Teshuva

God’s acceptance of our commitment to correct (“teshuva”) is a miracle greater than all other miracles.

The requirements of teshuva are: regret for what one has done wrong in the past, and resolve to improve in the future.

To the degree a person is aware of his wrongdoings and feels pain for what he has done, to that same degree his teshuva is of greater value. The essential thing is to feel extreme joy for the miracle of teshuva, and to praise the Almighty for this good fortune.

Sources: Rabbi Moshe Chevroni; Masaas Moshe, p.65; Rabbi Zelig Pliskin’s Gateway to Happiness, p.228

4 thoughts on “Quoting: Feel Joy for the Miracle of Teshuva

  1. FYI for anyone unfamiliar with the Hebrew word “t’shuvah”: It means “returning” or “responding”, as in turning back toward HaShem or turning backward away from former wrong behavior; responding to a better impulse.

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