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I’ve mentioned this in recent days, but for anyone surfing in who might not know, it would be easy to miss the menu button to the center-left of any page on my blog (three horizontal lines in a dark box), which allows a visitor to see what else is offered here on “Powered by Robots” besides a series of short stories and commentaries.

Click on the menu button, and the entire left side of the page expands revealing the menu.

The Home, About, and Contact pages are pretty standard with most blogs, WordPress and otherwise, but I’d like to highlight two recent additions.


Screenshot of the menu on this blog

The Publications page is just like it sounds, a list of my currently published work as well as what’s up and coming. Right now, I only have two stories listed that have been accepted for publication, and they won’t be available until on or about March 1, 2019. However, these two new successes have rekindled the fire in me to write and submit many more, and I have four projects, besides slowly editing the first draft of my first novel, in the pipeline.

The Book and Film Reviews page (which can include television shows and other content) is also “what you see is what you get.” Whenever I sample a popular (or sometimes not so popular) creative work, I try to write a review, both on my blog and on Amazon.

I consider myself a pretty fair reviewer, and will give my honest assessment of a work, even if the creator and I may not see eye-to-eye on the prominent political and social issues of our day (and you don’t always find that with reviewers). Having said that, all human beings have biases, so when I feel that my particular viewpoint may color my perceptions, I try to call that out. If I don’t, at least a few of my readers will bring it to my attention. 😉

I’ll be adding more to both of these pages as I (hopefully) publish more content, and as I read or view new creative works. Right now I’m reading NK Jemisin’s book The Fifth Season, a 2015 Hugo Award winning SF novel. I’m only about 50 or 60 pages in, so I won’t give out my initial impression of this vast tome.

Let me know what you think of all this so far. Cheers.

Oh, since this blog post was about “robots” and “features,” I thought the image at the top was appropriate.

4 thoughts on “New Features on “Powered By Robots”

  1. I read your blog on my iPhone, not on a PC or MAC, and on the mobile-enabled version, those three horizontal bars appear on the top center of your blog just beneath your blog’s title. Just FYI.


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