Planetary Anthologies Call for Submissions!


Cover image for Jupiter planetary anthology

As my regular readers know, so far in 2019, five of my short stories have been accepted for publication, with three of them being currently available. Sadly, as of this morning, seven of my submitted stories this year have been rejected. The most recent rejection stung a bit more than most because it’s Biblical SciFi, which doesn’t have much of a market in mainstream publishing (if you’re interested in finding out more, ping me).

However, I just found out about a few new opportunities and in fact, they need your help.

Superversive Press (yes, you read that right) is a small publisher dedicated to featuring Fantasy and Science Fiction short stories and novels that are uplifting and positive, as opposed to the general trend of “subversive” and dystopian tales typically found in mainstream SF/F.

For the past few years, they have been slowly putting out anthologies based on Planets in our Solar System. The stories accepted can be literally about the featured planet, but also related themes, since most are named after mythological gods.

Anthologies for Mercury, Venus (which I reviewed), Earth, and Mars are already on the market, and Jupiter is coming soon.

Unfortunately, the rest of the series stalled for over a year. I submitted stories to three of them and figured they disappeared down the rabbit hole. However, the announcement for Jupiter also said that the rest of the anthologies are on track…sort of.

Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Sol all need additional stories, even though the original deadlines for submission have long since passed (so when you click on those links, ignore the posted dates).


Cover image for the Mars planetary anthology

Dawn Witzke at Superversive published an updated call for additional submissions yesterday, though I’ve known about this for several days.

I’ve submitted to Luna (which received so many stories, the editors decided to split the anthology in two between “Luna” and “Dark Luna”), Neptune, and Sol (No, I haven’t heard back yet) and am excited that I can now submit stories for Saturn and Uranus.

So all you authors out there, listen up. Four anthologies need more stories so this is your chance to contribute a great tale to one or more (maybe all four). I’m just finishing up editing a story for a submission with a deadline of March 31st, so after that, I’m diving in the creative pool for Saturn and Uranus. Care to join me?

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