Author Update April 19, 2019


Cover art for the Cloaked Press anthology “Spring Into SciFi”

About a week ago (sorry, I’ve been away, I’ve been busy) I announced that my short story “The Recall” had been accepted for the 2019 edition of the Cloaked Press anthology “Spring Into SciFi.” No further news is yet available except that one of the contributors is a well-known name in science fiction (can’t wait to find out who).

However, as you can see above, on the Cloaked Press Facebook page, I did find a proposed cover image for the upcoming anthology. Pretty stoked.

In the meantime, I’ve been writing furiously and have submitted short stories to various anthologies and periodicals, whilst trying to find time to go back and write/edit a novel.

On top of all that, the layoff gremlins have once again been unkind to me and, as the old-time actors used to say, “I’m between engagements.” So I’ve been contacting the people I worked with on this book to see if they can throw any remote work my way. Anything helps.

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