Story Submission Limbo


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This is definitely a newbie author question, but I suspect it’s something just about every short story writer has come across at one time or another. I have several stories that have been languishing at the submission phase for months longer than their due dates or even well after the actual publication date of the target anthology or periodical. Emails to the publishers either go unanswered, or the answer is “I’ll get back to you,” and then they never do.

How long should you wait until you simply announce to the publisher that you’re pulling your submission so you can offer it up to another venue? On the one hand, I do know that indie publishers can sometimes struggle. On the other hand, I don’t want to be gamed.

For those of you “in the know,” what would you suggest?

6 thoughts on “Story Submission Limbo

  1. That’s got to be so frustrating. I feel bad for you, James, but at the same time it makes me glad that I have no ambition to attempt to have any of my flash fiction tales published anywhere other than on my blog.


    • I’ve posted a link to this blog post on various writing pages on Facebook and the answer is more or less the same. Yes, it’s common, but the caveat is that so many indie publishers go out of business, so there is that.

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