Happy Thanksgiving 2019

boise 3

© James Pyles

I haven’t had much to say lately. Too busy, for one thing. Had a rare day off and, as a Thanksgiving tradition, the family, including my elderly mother this year, went to the local convention center for an event called The Festival of Trees. I took the photo above as I was approaching the Grove plaza where I met my son and grandson. It was a beautiful Thanksgiving afternoon.

My four-year-old granddaughter had her photo taken with “Santa” there for the second year in a row. She used to think Santa lived “where Uncle Mikey works.” Now she realizes it’s at the North Pole.

After that outing and having dinner at my other son’s house, I’ve returned home and faced a few grim realities, but the afternoon reminded me that even when life isn’t optimal, it still has it’s joys.

Happy Thanksgiving.

boise 1

© James Pyles

boise 2

© James Pyles

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