“The Demon in the Mask:” A Favorite

fall into fantasy

Cover image for the Cloaked Press anthology “Fall into Fantasy 2019”

I was going over various Amazon reviews of anthologies where my stories have been featured and came across one for Fall Into Fantasy: 2019. My tale “The Demon in the Mask” appeared within the pages of this Cloaked Press publication.

Even when such anthologies do well in the reviews, my stories are pretty much never mentioned (I look anyway). Lo and behold, this time something happened.


Screenshot of Amazon

I wrote her a brief thank you note because it’s nice to be appreciated.

Here’s a brief synopsis:

Andre Paul LeClair was an orphan raised in a monastery who is pulled into a world of political intrigue and trained by the Church for a single and most dangerous mission. Seduce the immortal witch in the ivory mask who has been cruelly ruling the kingdom and then murder her in her own bed. Of course, it would never be that easy. With the tables turned, the would-be assassin becomes a prisoner in his own mask of iron. Yet Andre has a powerful ally and is granted one final chance at life and freedom or a ghastly death.

Find out more at Amazon.

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