“Tick Tock” Anthology of Time Travel Stories Coming Soon!

Promotional image for my short story “The Tenth Second.”

The Black Hare Press science fiction anthology Tick Tock will become available on December 15th, barely a week away. It features my short story “The Tenth Second.”

This series is unique in that each story accepted had to be five hundred words long. Imagine dozens of such stories, each one about time travel or some manipulation of timespace.

In the late 1950s, young physicist Michael Peters participated in an experiment that was designed to propel him ten seconds into the future while only one second passed for everyone else. When he crawled, dazed, out of the wreckage of his acceleration pod, he found everyone else in the lab frozen in mid-action. And yet, horribly, he still wasn’t alone.

I can’t find it yet on Amazon, but check out Black Hare’s Tick Tock page.

Promotional image for the Black Hare Press time travel anthology “Tick Tock.”

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