TICK TOCK: A Time Travel Anthology (500 Fiction) Available Now

Promotional image for my short story “The Tenth Second.”

Well, it’s too late to add the science fiction anthology TICK TOCK: A Time Travel Anthology (500 Fiction) to someone’s Christmas stocking, but you can buy for your New Year’s reading pleasure either as a digital book for your Kindle or as a paperback .

There’s quite a number of time travel tales contained within its pages, and each complete story is a mere 500 words long.

Mine is called “The Tenth Second.” In the late 1950s, a young scientist is part of a government experiment designed to project him forward in time ten seconds while only one second passes in the normal world. Something goes horribly wrong and when he emerges from his ruined temporal pod, he finds that everyone else in the lab complex frozen in time…almost.

The book became available December 10, 2020. No Amazon reviews yet, so yours could be the first.

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