Three Weeks Until “Theo Klaagorn, Private Eye”

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Three weeks until “Theo Klaagorn, Private Eye”.

I’ll post the pre-order link when available. Just three weeks until the 2021 edition of Fall Into Fantasy is available.

In 2019, my short story “The Demon in the Mask” appeared in this edition. When I went back to Amazon, I found out that one reviewer last year put my tale in the top five that she enjoyed. It was, what I consider, a traditional fantasy tale of dark demons and fallen heroes, a story of redemption in the face of unbelievable loss.

By contrast, “Theo Klaagorn, Private Eye” or “private detective,” I can’t decide which, is whimsical urban fantasy, a world where fantasy creatures escape a horrendous war in the dragon realms to certain places on Earth, like Las Vegas in 1974. Theo is a dwarf who, with his friends, a giant, a werewolf, and a fairy, try to solve the murder of an elven prince and free his half-elf wife who was framed for the crime.

This is the first and maybe only time Theo agrees to work for a human, and only because the giant is compelling him to (alright, also for the sake of a five-year-old girl who has lost her Daddy and whose Mommy is in prison).

Fun fact. When I told my 12-year-old grandson about this story, he asked that we play our imaginary role playing game in that universe. So far, Theo has worked as a bouncer for a Druid who runs an underground bar for fantasy beings, solved a case involving Pluto and Persephone, killed a plant being at the behest of a boar god, and been turned into a merman…uh mer-drawf to solve a theft in the ocean near Hawaii.

Maybe I’ll actually write those as “Theo” stories someday.

2 thoughts on “Three Weeks Until “Theo Klaagorn, Private Eye”

  1. Not sure why you’re indecisive about the equivalent terms describing a private detective, a private investigator, i.e., a Private “I” or Private “Eye” or “P.I.” Now, it’s possible to play around with those terms in a sci-fi manner, to invent special tools of the trade such as an artificial “eye” with which to spy into hidden places, by psychic means or a dimensional rift or some other ingenious method. But one shouldn’t lose sight altogether of the source of the “I” as meaning investigation rather than seeing or vision. I’ll skip some of the other anatomical implications that might be derived from slang associated with a private detective as a private “dick”, poking into matters some would prefer to keep hidden. Some stories capitalize on salacious implications. Others avoid them.


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