Two of My Short Stories Published in “Meteor Fall: An Anthology of The Collective”

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The Collective has long kept secret the strange things that happen after a meteor shower. While the world Oohs and Aahs over the pretty streaks of light, field agents quietly gather up the people and objects changed by this cosmic phenomenon.

With a global event unlike anything the world has ever seen on the horizon, the Collective knows it’s only a matter of time before the world discovers what really happens when objects fall from the sky.

Can they continue to maintain their secrecy and protect humanity from the dangers of Meteor Fall?

This one is really interesting. I have two short stories published in Meteor Fall: An Anthology of The Collective.

First of all, the publisher invited me to contribute. This wasn’t an open submission. The person behind Cloaked Press (I don’t know if he wants his name shared or not) picked authors he’s worked with in the past and whose work he liked. Actually, I wasn’t in the first cut but he added me later, which is an honor.

The stories are all in a universe that the publisher created. You can see the summary he wrote as I quoted the blurb from Amazon. Since the history of the Collective and the meteors are centuries old if not older, I had all of history to play with. While my stories were set in the present, one of them involves two men, one born in the 19th century and one in the early 20th century, who are adversaries and more.

The Sins of the Father:

The Ghost and the Gambler have been chasing each other around the world for decades. Rafael Story, a black Marine who has served through three wars, is now waging his own personal battle against Jackson Higgens, with “One-Eyed Jack” determined to cause as much chaos as he can. After a disastrous encounter in Las Vegas in 1978, Story or “the Ghost” catches up with the Gambler outside of the White House in the present day, but an attempt on the President’s life is only the beginning for Jack. Can the Collective stop two immortals before they bring down their entire organization and possibly kill innocent thousands?

Eden and the Starcat:

In 2004, a down on his luck computer technician happens upon a meteor-affected server that is one of a kind. Her name is Sofia, and she’s a true, human-like artificial intelligence. After decades of being exploited (and loved?) by her human Eddie, they are caught by the Collective. But when Agent Solomon brings in the mysterious teenage girl Eden to neutralize Sofia, something she has done countless times in the past, the girl and the AI have an encounter of the most wonderful and devastating kind.

Meteor Fall: An Anthology of The Collective is available now at Amazon as a kindle book with the paperback coming soon.

The really cool thing about this universe is that it can contain an infinite number of stories. I may even write a novel.

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