Of Sales Rankings and Libraries


Screenshot from Amazon

There are certain milestones that I think a lot of authors pay attention to. One of them I chronicled yesterday when I said that Time’s Abyss received 3 five-star reviews on Amazon and Ice had received it’s first five-star review.

Having also created a promotion for Ice where it can be downloaded to Kindle for free from now until Christmas created another interesting effect. It started “selling” much, much better (see image above-right). Well, it’s free and I have been telling everyone on every social media platform to which I belong about it, so why not? Still, it’s pretty satisfying.

The other thing though, is that some weeks ago, I donated a physical copy of Time’s Abyss to my local public library. Now people can actually check it out and read it. I guess I’ll have to tell all of my local friends about that so it will get some traction and not end up in the bargain sale bin.


Screenshot of a webpage of the Meridian Public Library

I suspect if I, as an indie author, am going to get any “traction,” it will take years. I’m not young anymore, so I have certain feelings about that, but on the other hand, as the saying goes, “better late than never.”

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