“The Fallen Shall Rise” Promoted by Speculative Fiction Showcase


Promotional image for “The Fallen Shall Rise”

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I received the wonderful opportunity to have my SciFi novella The Fallen Shall Rise: A 224-Verse book promoted at Speculative Fiction Showcase. SFS describes itself as:

We are a blog about all things indie science fiction, fantasy and horror. Read interviews with and guest posts by specific writers and keep current on news from the SFF world and the latest spec-fic releases.

Looked at another way as quoted on their blog:

Speculative Fiction—an all-encompassing genre created to describe stories of science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, and other stories that have an element of “What if…” in them. A story in speculative fiction is one that adds an element of the unreal, or asks, what would become of our society if history took a different direction at some important event? Fiction with a little something extra thrown in. —William D. Richards

One of the contributors, two-time Hugo finalist for Best Fan Writer Cora Buhlert extended the invitation for me to submit my story. I feel quite honored.

Read the entire promotion for The Fallen Shall Rise at Speculative Fiction Showcase.

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