Video Introduction to My Novelette “Ice”

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My first self-published novelette Ice was published December 2021, but like a lot of indie and self-published works, it needs all the help that it can get just to let people know it exists.

To that end, and to market my “brand” (as it were), I’ve taken to TikTok, creating little two and three minute videos. No I’m not some cute kid dancing around or making funny movies, but it beats the equipment I’d have to buy to record vids for YouTube.

Getting back to “Ice,” I decided to start telling the story of its origins, which are a little unusual. Also, it gives me practice (and I really need to read a few tutorials and take an acting course). So without further ado, my first video featuring Ice


An introduction to my novelette “Ice” published in 2021. At the end of time, humanity exists in a world of unrelenting heat, arcane magic, and dinosaurs. But Captain Ki-Moon Yong discovers the only thing they all fear: ice. #scifi #fantasy #ebook #kindle

♬ original sound – James



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