Free Promo for “The Fallen Shall Rise”

fallen promo

Promotional image for my 224-verse SciFi Novelette “The Fallen Shall Rise”

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My 224 Verse novelette The Fallen Shall Rise is being promoted on Amazon.

For July 16 – 20, you can download a copy to your kindle device absolutely FREE!

The backmatter of the book has been updated to include a reading sample of another of my 224-verse novelettes The Haunting of the Ginger’s Regret.

From “Fallen:”

Jepheth Shinzi, archeologist on the rigid backwater Kaamus star system, discovers a controversial anomaly when scans taken of space match up with 3,000 years worth of cultural mysteries.

Fearing being labeled a traitor to his government, he proceeds to share the findings in confidence before the evidence becomes overwhelming and the situation warrants in-person investigation.

There appears to be an ancient gate in deep space and it’s emitting an energy signal.

Don’t miss this opportunity to download my SciFi novelette to your kindle at no cost whatsoever. At 121 pages, it’s a fast read and I hope you think a good one. Please remember to leave a review.


Here’s the TikTok promotional video:

@james.pyles My SciFi novelette The Fallen Shall Rise will be a free Amazon promo July 16 – 20. Download it to your kindle, read, and please leave a review. Find out more at #scifi #sciencefiction #kindle #amazon #free #promotion

♬ A majestic and fantastic song in the space science fiction film music style – Tansa



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