Frank and the Plot of the Hypnotizing Slime, Chapter 3


© James Pyles

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I suppose you are wondering where the baby chick came from and what it won. To answer that question, we have to visit an alternate dimension, an alternate Frank, and the secret character of Danaerys.

You see, the evil Frank who is planning to take over the world with his hypnotizing slime, is modeled after the real Frank in the real world where you, the reader, lives.

Frank has been friends with the little girl and her Grandpa who are writing this story for many years.

While Danaerys is generally a kind girl, she does have a mischievous side to her personality. For years now, she has teased her friend Frank by turning him into all sort of animals and things. Frank doesn’t like to be turned into animals and things.

So one night, when Danaerys was asleep, he snuck into her closet and found the magic book she had been using to turn him into things. He memorized the spell as well as a portal making spell which only spiders can use, and decided to have a bit of fun.

Knowing about the story Danaerys and Grandpa were writing, he turned her into a baby chick and pushed her through the portal into the story world.

But when she got to the story world, she was in the middle of the forest and tiny spider Frank and his five companions were only as big as one of her baby chick toenails. And they looked delicious.

Frank looked up and screamed! “Oh no! Run.”

He dodged just as the chick’s beak snapped at him. He distracted her just long enough for the others to get away.

“Look at the spiders run,” crowed Danaerys. “I win.”

But Frank and his evil spiders were sneaking through the grass to get behind Danaerys and continued on to their secret base.

Meanwhile, Lilly and her gang had reached the end of the sewer system.

Daniel, a quiet spider on her team, peaked out but only saw the edge of the forest. “All clear, Lilly,” he said. Cautiously, they slipped out of the sewer and onto a small trail leading back to their headquarters.

Danaerys wasn’t done with Frank and his spiders and looked all around. She took several steps in their direction, getting Frank’s attention.

Frank whispered to his group, “Keep going. I’ll make sure the giant chick doesn’t follow.”

Frank actually didn’t have to worry because Danaerys had lost interest in them. She saw another collection of spiders coming her way. From her great height over them, and the small size of the spiders, she couldn’t tell if they were the same spiders or different, except they were also in a team of five or six.

“I’ll get you my pretties,” Danaerys crowed and launched herself at them. The spiders scattered, all except for Lilly who was caught in a clearing and couldn’t escape.

Frank couldn’t let her be hurt no matter what and used his strong jumping legs to shoot himself into the air. He landed on Danaerys’ head and tried distracting her with spider-bites around her eyes and ears. He could hear Lilly scream but the chick was in such pain from the bites, she stumbled sideways. Danaerys moved with such force that Frank fell off, landing almost on top of Lilly.

“Come on,” he said. We’ve got to get out of here.”

Meanwhile, the Frank in other universe, seeing what was happening, felt sorry and guilty that Danaerys got hurt, even if only a little.

“That spider Frank can’t do that to my friend. Only I can do that to my friend.” He was kidding, but only a little.

As Danaerys wheeled around looking for Frank and Lilly, the other Frank reversed his spells, pulling her back to their world. In another few seconds, Danaerys was back in bed and because she was a girl again and so much bigger, the spider-bites didn’t hurt at all. However, she was pretty mad at Frank, seeing him at the open closet door with her spell book.

Heck, I forgot I was supposed to publish this today. Sad bit of news. My granddaughter’s other Grandpa died a few days ago. I haven’t seen her since then. I hope she’s okay. I think she’ll still be happy I’m putting these stories out in the world. Chapter one and two are there so if you haven’t read them yet, you can catch up. Remember, there are a full eight chapters to this story. I hope you’re enjoying them.

Next: Chapter 4!


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