Photo credit Sarah Whiley

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Every day for the past eight months I stare at my empty mask with a sense of elation. I am no longer its prisoner, no longer its slave. I am free.

Of course, freedom always comes at a price, usually a very high one. After the accident, anyone looking at my face, even if they were kind and never meant to, always registered a certain revulsion. Well, who could blame them? I was absolutely hideous. Wearing the mask was marginally better. I still received their stares, but more out of curiosity. Naturally, I would never have the affection of a woman again, especially since my dearest wife was killed in the accident that made me a monster.

Now everything is about to come to a conclusion. The person who took my sweet wife from me and did this horrible thing to my face will be visiting my small hamlet in a few days. Then I will exact my revenge upon him. He will never know it is me for the same reason I am free of my mask. He will never know it is me for the same reason that men no longer cringe and women and children never cry at my appearance.

I have learned to become invisible.

I wrote this for the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge #455. The idea is to use the photo above as the inspiration for a poem or piece of fiction.

I based my story on an episode of the 1950s UK television series The Invisible Man, specifically the show Behind the Mask. The story is pretty straightforward, and I thought of it immediately when I saw the photo.

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To read more of my published works, try Ice. It has supernatural “gods,” pirates, sailing ships, dinosaurs, mysteries, murder, and a terrible secret at the bottom of the world that is without ice.

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