Quantum Leap: Addison Doesn’t Walk Through Walls


Caitlin Bassett as Addison on Quantum Leap.

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I’ll keep this short. Addison doesn’t walk through walls. In the original Quantum Leap Al (Dean Stockwell) as Sam’s (Scott Bakula) companion and hologram, walked through walls all the time.

Now, he didn’t really. But from Sam’s point of view, as Al moved around in the imaging chamber in the late 20th century, being projected into Sam’s context, he seemed to walk through objects.

In the modern incarnation of Quantum Leap, Addison (Caitlin Bassett), as a hologram, hasn’t walked through one object at all as far as I recall. I mean, I’d have to re-watch every episode to be sure, but I don’t remember it.

In fact, in the original series, Sam figured out that the Devil was posing as Al because “Al” hadn’t walked through anything.

Now it’s likely whoever is running the show decided that making Addison walk through things would be too expensive so they decided not to add that effect. But there’s something else.

I’m pretty sure Deborah Pratt created the original canon that animals and children under five could see Al and could see Sam as he truly was. In fact, there was an episode in the original series where Al was in a church and told a little girl where a piece of evidence was to solve a murder. The girl thought Al was an angel because no one could see him but her.


Dean Stockwell as Al on the original Quantum Leap

As a parent and grandparent, that totally warms my heart. There’s a sense of innocence that lets a child see what we poor, dumb grown ups absolutely can’t.

If any of the Quantum Leap people can hear me (and given that fact that I’ve not always agreed with them, why would they?), it would be wonderful if you’d return to this as part of the “effect” of Addison.

It would be nice if the show had a sense of innocence and wonder.


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