PHOTO PROMPT © Amanda Forestwood

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14-year-old Stace McPherson was drawn to the musician’s unusual stringed instrument. The backyard wedding reception was over. He was supposed to be helping clean but he wanted to touch it. The musician, no one called him anything else, had played the most amazing tunes, like from another world. He looked around. Just the last few guests. The musician was saying good-bye to the bride and groom. He had to do it. Stace let his fingers glide across the strings. As he did, something creative entered him. Ten years later with his own guitar, he accepted the best new artist Grammy.

Once again, I’m participating in Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ 31 March 2023 edition of her Friday Fictioneers challenge. The idea is to use the image above as the prompt for crafting a poem or story no more than 100 words. My word count is 100.

The instrument doesn’t look quite like how I picture guitars, but it was close enough. The grass and the knocked over cup on the ground made me think of the aftermath of a backyard wedding. The musician is a mystery and his instrument perhaps otherworldly. Stace came into brief contact with it and now his life is forever changed.

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Okay, I goofed. It’s a violin. I’m claiming artistic license.

To discover other aspects of my fiction writing, consider Ice.

At the end of time, the world is hot and men travel the vast oceans in merchant sailing ships. Captain Ki-Moon Yong of the Star of Jindo has discovered a new horror at the bottom of the world. Can he and the Star escape disaster long enough to warn a disbelieving world?


© James Pyles

26 thoughts on “Strings

    • I very loosely based the story on part of the life of the late actor Ernest Borgnine. He served in the U.S. Navy twice, the second time during World War Two. After the war when he was discharged, he felt lost and purposeless. He was sitting in his Mom’s kitchen and she made some offhand remark that he should go into acting since he’s always goofing off in front of people anyway. Borgnine wrote, “Ten year later Grace Kelly was handing me an Academy Award.”

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  1. I can see this happening. But, the award winning musicians and singer/songwriters I know of were influenced mostly by family, as will as others. Well done, James.


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