Letter from the Dark


PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

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“1857 Maisonneuve Blvd.” Marie held addressed envelope she’d received from her priest. The outside of the building was painted so colorfully, belying her desperateness.

Timidly, the small-town girl walked in the door marked “Catholic Community Services.”

“May I help you?” The receptionist was as young as Marie.

Mutely, she handed over the unsealed envelope.

After reading the enclosed letter, the woman gave it back and pointed down the hall. “Room J in the back. Knock twice and walk in.”

“Thank you.” Marie nodded and approached the indicated door. She prayed that the exorcist would be able to help her baby.

It’s once again time to participate in Rochelle Wisoff-Fields 5 May 2023 edition of Friday Fictioneers. The idea is to take the image above and use it as a prompt for crafting a short story or poem no more than 100 words long. My word count is exactly 100.

Through the miracle of Google maps, I was able to find the exact address of the building. I used a portion of it in my story. The “Foundation of Catholic Community Service, Inc” sign over the door sent me in the direction of exorcism. Imagine every community Catholic charity running a covert exorcism operation in your town or city.

To read other stories inspired by the prompt, go to inlinkz.

My book retro-SciFi space opera “The Aliens” has just been accepted for publication by Starry Eyed Press. To read more including an excerpt of the story, go to the full announcement.


27 thoughts on “Letter from the Dark

    • Former speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, a Catholic, had priest perform an exorcism of her home in San Francisco after her husband was attacked by an assailant who broke in some months ago. I guess this is still a thing.


  1. Of all maladies to afflict an infant (born or prenatal) the worst would have to be demon possession. I’d be real interested in hearing the symptoms the mother gives.


  2. It’s so funny, because I cut off the name of the street for the photo! Good sleuthing, James. And I think she has made a terrible mistake…


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