Planetary Anthology Series: Sol Video Trailer!


Cover art for the Sol Planetary Anthology by Tuscany Bay Books

Previously, I announced that my short story The Pleiades Dilemma would be published in the Tuscany Bay Books science fiction Planetary Anthology Series: Sol.

And now…

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First Contact Imperfect


From the film “Ted 2” (2015)

The Qredderq came very close to their goal of communicating with humanity. However, being just a little off was going to have difficult if not disastrous results.

The Qredderq weren’t aliens in that they came from another planet. The Qreddreg were transdimensional life forms, and that sort of life was abundant. However, piercing transdimensional barriers in order to communicate was highly technical, energy intensive, and not always reliable, as the Qredderq were about to find out.

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