A Small New Wave

missile complex

Found at the University of Wyoming website

“I tell you Frank, it would be perfect. They took out all of the nukes in the 60s, but the silos, tunnels, living quarters…it’s got everything.”

“I think you’re exaggerating, Marvin. How will we get power and supplies down there?”

The five of them were looking at the photos, diagrams, and documents scattered on top of the kitchen table at the small rented house in West Boise. Marvin, who had done his research and was giving the presentation was standing alongside Frank, the de facto leader of their group.

Joe, the oldest member and “voice of reason” among them, Victoria, the weapons expert, and Sarah, who was just a very nice if lonely person who got involved only because she liked Frank, were sitting on the opposite side.

“Easy. We can hook up to the main power grid. We’d use so little current, the Air Force Base wouldn’t notice the difference. Sun lamps and hydroponics would take care of the food. I’ve done that back in Florida for years when I lived in the shelter.”

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