How Lofty Are Dreams

moon over lake

© Ted Strutz

They enjoyed the view from the deck of the yacht just like the other families who were visiting the summer resort that week. Jim held his little granddaughter in his arms and they admired the moon together.

“Moon, Gampa! Moon!”

“That’s right, Danielle. It’s the Moon. Someday maybe you can live up there.”

“You’ll just confuse her, Dad.”

“Well maybe, son. But what about you, Landon?” He looked down at his eight-year-old grandson. “Would you like to live on the Moon someday?”

“I don’t know, Grandpa. People haven’t even walked on the Moon since 1972.”

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It’s Out: Guide to TCP-IP: IPv6 and IPv4, 5th Edition

guide to tcpipI’ve spent a long time considering breaking into the fiction market, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a published author in other genres. Once upon a time, I wrote technical books, some having to do with IT certifications, others with operating systems and associated software (I was really familiar with Microsoft’s SharePoint product for a while), and general desktop support.

But my first love, so to speak, was Cengage Learning’s text-book originally called Guide to TCP/IP. I’ve been involved as a contributor since the 2nd edition, although back then, I made editorial updates to just one chapter.

By the 4th edition, I’d written so much of the book (just over 50%), that I earned cover credit, although because my name wasn’t well-known in the industry, I got a “with” under the other authors.

However, for the 5th edition, I was asked to be the lead author. The reason was simple. I had the most discretionary time to devote to the book (or so everyone thought), so I could take the lead on this one. That decision was made May 2015.

Since then, my life fell apart.

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