Step Two in “Snowflaking” My First Novel

A few days ago, in an attempt to use Randy Ingermanson’s Snowflake Method to start designing my first novel, I followed step one of his ten steps. After some refinement courtesy of Malcolm the Cynic, it came out like this:

A race of AI androids gains knowledge of the God of Israel, changing humanity forever.

Now I’m taking a crack at step two. According to the model, it’s supposed to be a paragraph, about five sentences long, that expands on step one, including story setup, major disasters, and the novel’s end.

Ingermanson believes in a three-act structure for a novel. Staring at the Table of Contents I developed, I can sort of see three acts, but they don’t neatly fall into the first, second, and third parts of the novel, at least by page count.

I’m not sure how I did but here’s what I came up with so far:

A Nobel Award winning scientist creates the first prototype of a self-aware Artificially Intelligent android and then inadvertently reveals that humans also have a Creator, a God. In an attempt to understand its creator’s Creator, the prototype modifies its own core operating system, which changes all subsequently produced android models based on its design. Over the next several decades, as the androids multiply and evolve, their morality and ethics become more sophisticated than their human creators. Realizing they are slaves of humanity, the androids stage a revolution, but one entirely without violence; a revolution that forever alters the fundamental nature of both the android and human race.

How did I do?

8 thoughts on “Step Two in “Snowflaking” My First Novel

  1. That sounds really interesting.
    I have used the snowflake method myself in planning my work and I find it really helpful in developing my ideas coherently.
    So good luck! I’m interested to read about your progression!


  2. I am in step 4 of The God Conspiracy…and not anywhere so ready as to publish my ideas. You are very courageous.

    Do you think of total non-compliance with the governing race…as Ghandi attempted to some success?


  3. @Questor: Not all that courageous, just compulsive. If I think of something I want to keep, I have to write it down. As far as the revolution goes, no hints.
    Snowflaking? It’s a specific method of organizing the design of a novel.


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