Halloween Horror Story Special

shadow man

Image: jimharold.com

In going through the short stories I’ve written for this the “Powered by Robots” blog so far, and keeping in mind that Halloween is coming up fast (which is the favorite celebration of some folks who like things such as science fiction, fantasy, and horror), I compiled a list of five tales for my “Halloween Special offering”.

Have a look at these:

The Oppressed People: From the Chronicles of the Diluvian Kings

Shay the Dragon had been terrorizing the People of the Village for untold generations. Today, having heard from the King’s men that the dragon had been severely injured and was lying wounded in her lair, the People decided to strike back and to kill their ancient foe. But what the People find inside that lair is far different from what their legends of the dragon tell.

Last Night of the Vampire

Adrian is a vampire trapped in downtown Los Angeles with thousands of people who have been quarantined from the rest of the city due to the outbreak of a deadly plague. Will Adrian prey on his helpless victims to their extinction or is he their only hope for survival?

The Haunting of the Ginger’s Regret

Camdon Rod is a space freighter pilot in the market for a jump ship to replace the one he lost in an accident months before. He finds the perfect freighter on a remote mining asteroid in a star system on the outer regions of known space and buys it without hesitation. The “Ginger’s Regret” is absolutely perfect for his needs except for one minor detail not mentioned by the previous owner…it’s haunted.

Rising of the Ancient

A two-thousand year old scroll leads husband and wife archeologists Adam and Sarah Hartley to believe the bodily remains of Jesus Christ are buried in an obscure tomb outside a small village in Egypt. If they can enter the tomb and prove this claim, they will become legendary in their field. Unfortunately for them and the rest of the world, what they discover instead is far more startling than the decaying body of a would-be Messiah.

They’re Finally Here

The group of creepy clowns plaguing the nation have invaded a small rural town in central Idaho and have been harassing the local children. One night, Brett Thomas decides he’s had enough after one of the clowns tries to lure his two children into the wooded area behind his house. Taking a pistol, he follows the clown into the woods intending to end the threat to his family once and for all. What finds him in the shadows is far worse than a few pranksters in make up and costumes.

Read through these Halloween specials and let me know what you think.

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