The Hopelessness of this Year’s Presidential Election



I voted early. I just couldn’t see waiting when I knew how I was going to vote, or rather who I was going to vote against.

I’ve been voting since the mid 1970s and I’ve never seen a Presidential race this bizarre.

Let’s cut to the chase.

I believe Hillary Clinton is one of the most corrupt human beings who has ever walked the Earth. I believe that beginning at a young age, she dedicated her life to political ambition and power. No other priority was and is higher in her life. She’ll do anything to advance her power. For Clinton, running for President must be like a junkie anticipating their next high. If she became President, she’ll run as fast as she can to please her billionaire supporters, both here and abroad, and to hell with the American citizens.

Donald Trump is a pig. I can’t believe he’s the GOP frontrunner (but then again, neither can the GOP). He’ll say any outrageous thing just because he can, and his supporters eat it up with a spoon. I still don’t think he actually wants to be President and that he’s doing all this just to see how people will react. If he became President, I don’t think he’d know what to do with it. He might just quit once elected.

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, actually seems the most viable to me. No scandals, no controversy, and whether or not you support his policies, he actually seems to want to be a President of the people, not of the corporations.

So who to vote for?

There will always be people, a good many of them as a matter of fact, who will vote for Hillary Clinton because “First Woman President of the U.S.” and “being on the right side of history.” To them, nothing else matters about Hillary other than she possesses two “X” chromosomes (of course, that makes Caitlin Jenner’s identification as a woman problematic).

Those who are paying attention to all of the scandals hanging around Clinton’s neck like an albatross chalk it all up to the “great right-wing conspiracy”. They all believe she’s “one of them”, meaning a progressive or a liberal, rather than a shill for people like George Soros.

As far as “the Donald” is concerned, I don’t see what the attraction is. “Let’s Make America Great Again” appeals to conservative white males who see the 1950s and 60s as the best of times and who ignore the vast inequities suffered by women and people of color. I mean, didn’t we have protests and movements to gain greater civil rights for women and people of color in the 1960s? That’s how I remember it.

There is some attraction to the slogan based on how social and fiscal conservatives view the Obama administration bowing down (literally and figuratively) to anyone and anything that has a grudge against America’s historical foreign and domestic policies, real or imagined. They likely feel that America fell from being a world leader to just “one of the gang”.

I too believe the stature of our nation in the world has diminished thanks to President Obama’s policies. If I thought Trump really had America’s best interests at heart and he wasn’t such a horse’s ass, I might actually support him in elevating our nation’s status once again to “world leader”.

I can’t support either candidate. They are both such horrible human beings and neither represents the best interests of American citizens.

So vote for Johnson? If I voted my convictions, yes. But he’ll never unseat Clinton and Trump.

So of the two major players in the race, who is the least odious?

Ultimately, it’s not a matter of voting for the candidate you like the best but voting against the candidate your fear the most. Clinton or Trump, which one scares you the more?

That’s why this election is so bizarre. Sure, we’ve all said in past elections that we’ve voted for the lesser evil, but what if both candidates are really, really evil? Only an idiot (my opinion) would vote for either one with the idea that they really would represent the interests of the American taxpayer.

Clinton is a corporate and foreign power puppet and Trump is a loose cannon.

When I was standing in line waiting to vote, I heard more than a few people still undecided on who they were going to vote for. They were still trying to decide who they feared more. It’s a real coin toss.

I won’t tell you who I finally decided to vote against and for. There’s no point to the political arguments that would ensue. I merely write this missive to illustrate how crazy making this election has been for America.

No matter who wins, America, and maybe the whole world, loses.

9 thoughts on “The Hopelessness of this Year’s Presidential Election

  1. I voted on local and state issues which seemed more appropriate to consider than who moves in to the White House, remodels it and buys new china. Another way to put it…I did not vote for either presidential candidate.


    • It never occurred to me that an incomplete ballot can still be considered a valid one. Still, in effect, it’s as if you didn’t go to the polls at all relative to who moves into the White House and what sort of craziness will subsequently ensue.


      • I did the same as your other commenter, James. There’s never been a requirement to fill out ballots completely, because voting is not mandatory in the US. They still have to count what you DO vote on. Plus, I don’t live in a swing state, so the Electoral College result won’t change no matter what my vote for President/VP is. In the local races, every vote matters. But in 4/5 of the states, the 40 or so with established voting patters going back decades, the top box is a foregone conclusion.


      • It’s actually pretty sad, Invisible Mikey. American citizens really have little to no control over who becomes President. So much for the idea of “public servants”. We the public are the servants to the political and economic elite.

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  2. I normally vote by mail…but in California, that means my vote doesn’t even get counted unless there is a disputed election…so I will go in, hand my vote-by-mail ballot to the nice polling people, and use whatever machine is in vogue this year. I will also ask for a printout of my entire vote, since there is widespread ability to shave the votes to what is desired by the Soros crowd (the machines being made by one of his companies, no less).

    I fully expect this being tossed to the House of Representatives, unless there really is a Trump Landslide, which we can’t know since the media will not say what is actually happening in this election. I myself prefer a reasonably law abiding vulgarian, with a habit of saying stupid things to a Jezebel type…the last thing I want is Hillary channeling Azaliah while collecting millions from other countries and from big business and big banking to obtain a few kind words from her, having been proved to have kept classified info in an unprotected server that has been hacked many times over. That doesn’t make Trump a good candidate…only one slightly less dangerous than his opponent.

    As for Trump, I think he is only running because he can, and is making a good showing against the Media blanketed Clinton Foundation powerhouse. I would be delighted if he won, and after all the fun of the fight to get to the White House, as soon as the real work of the job gets to him, to resign in favor of Pence, who is a reasonable guy with governing experience, and no scandals. That is not to say that Trump couldn’t do the job as well as at least Obama has…hardly a recommendation, but at least Trump is interested in America doing well, tather than than the Progressive ideal of the establishment of an America being in a permanent decline, and on its way to 3rd world status, while our borders are opened to everyone who wants to come in…just so we have cheap labor!

    The only reason for the FBI to release all the info on the many investigations into the Clinton Foundations money collecting operations is that their year long investigation of the Clinton Foundation shows a lot of nasty stuff, and after being blocked by Obama’s Justice Dept., are getting the information out now in an attempt to out the treasonous Pay for Play history that is documented in many an email…something that the rank and file FBI agents and other operants in the know are refusing to let be buried. In my mind, I need to vote against her, and all she stands for, and since no one else can win but Trump…not that he will, necessarily… I will vote for him. I tried a protest vote long ago with Perot, and we got Bill Clinton…not my idea of a fun election result.

    I simply remind myself frequently during the day that G-d is in charge of the the rulers on this planet, and uses them as he wishes. So I will vote, and leave the result in his hands, knowing there is a reason for whom ever may win.


    • It’s possible FBI Director James Comey wants to do the right thing but is being blocked by the Justice Dept. He may have informed Congress he was reopening the investigation so it would be more difficult for Loretta Lynch to stop him and to make it harder for him to die in an “accident” that would seem credible under the current circumstances.

      Speaking of the “Soros crowd,” I believe they’re the reason Trump is the GOP pick instead of Cruz or Rubio. Either of them probably would win against Clinton given her credibility problem, but Trump is so odious to so many, that they’ll even vote for Clinton rather than see him in the White House.


    • Oh Q, I forgot to mention that here in Idaho, we vote with a paper and pen. We color in little rectangles for our choices, and then the ballot is scanned into a computer. I guess we’ll never know how that data is manipulated.


      • So do we…but the ballots are counted at the State level, even if initially tabulated and sent in by a local polling center…and then they can skew the numbers as they like.

        The documentary here shows how it is done, and is by the only non-partisan vote fraud expert.

        The only way to verify if results are the same after the election as when voted is by retaining a paper copy…and the pollling people are sadly disclined to do this these days…they scan the paper ballots, count them send the count in, and then destroy everything…unless you ask for a copy.


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